4 Signs Your Office is Due For a Spring Cleaning
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4 Signs Your Office is Due For a Spring Cleaning

It has long been known that a clean and organized workspace is more productive and conducive to getting things done than one that is dirty and untidy. As we go through our day-to-day work related tasks however, it can sometimes be easy to get caught up in the demands of the corporate world and forget about maintaining a state of cleanliness in the office.

Over time neglecting to maintain a clean office can lead to more clutter and dust build up etc. and businesses can inadvertently suffer from these little things whether you notice them or not. Spring is in the air and it is a great time to tackle the cleaning of your office. If you are not convinced that your office space really needs a good spring cleaning here are four telling signs that you can look out for:

Smelly Carpets

If the carpets in your office are literally starting to smell – it is probably time for a grand spring cleaning. Smelly carpets are a big turn off for visitors to your place of business and they are also a sign that the carpets are most likely the home of dangerous allergens like mold and dust. Getting office carpets professionally cleaned will remove these unwanted elements and leave them looking nice and clean.

Everyone Has Allergies

When sneezing and coughing sounds become the norm around the office and more employees start calling in sick from allergy related health issues, you can safely assume that your office is ready for a proper spring cleaning. Allergens in the air are particularly abundant at springtime and if your office space is not cleaned thoroughly to remove them you could see an increase in employee absenteeism and a reduction in productivity as a result.

Customers Are Complaining

Customers complaining about the cleanliness of your commercial space is another sure sign that it is time to get it professionally cleaned. Ideally you should never allow the state of your office to get to the point where your customers have to complain; it is embarrassing and can cost you potential business. Scheduling regular professional cleanings is a great way to avoid this happening but if it does happen you should call in the experts right away so that the situation is corrected immediately.

Familiar Stains

When new stains anywhere in the office, whether on the carpet, on the walls or elsewhere, start to become a familiar part of the office décor it is time to call in the professionals and get a proper cleaning. That mustard stain in the staff lunch room from last week that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is not cute or healthy and needs to go.

Obviously your in-house cleaning staff either doesn’t know how to get rid of it or they are just not interested to do the job. If you are noticing stains like these you can only imagine what other kinds of germs and bacteria that you cannot see are lurking around the office and hiring professional cleaners to do a proper spring cleaning is the best way to ensure that your office is really clean.

All these things are pretty good indications that your office needs a good spring cleaning. Having your office properly cleaned by professionals like North Kent Cleaning Services will not only make if cleaner and healthier, it will also boost the productivity of your employees and make your customers feel more comfortable too. If you would like to have your office professionally spring cleaned or if you have any questions about maintaining a clean office you can feel free to contact us at 01634 271 173 or by email at info@northkentcleaning.co.uk. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we will be happy to help.