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5 Reasons To Use A Professional Cleaning Company

Some businesses in an effort to manage costs have their employees take on cleaning duties in the office or other environments.

Everyday tasks such as dusting, wiping desks, emptying bins and organising staff on clean up duty are tasks that some employees are asked to routinely carry out.  While this might seem to be an efficient way of handling office cleanliness, it is actually far from it as in an effort to get these tasks out of the way as quickly as possible, staff will rush through them, and several places will be overlooked.

In addition, tying up valuable employee time on tasks that they were not hired to do wastes time and money as they should be allowed to focus on their strengths to do the work they were hired for.

A clean office or workplace is beneficial in so many ways, but doing a good job of it is harder than it looks; it takes a professional cleaning service to do a proper job. Here are five reasons why you should consider using a professional cleaning firm.

1. High Quality Service

A good cleaning service will have the best staff, modern cleaning methods, tools and resources to do a good job of keeping the work-space clean. They will also be able to offer several specialized services like periodic deep cleaning of surfaces, window washing, and maintenance of systems such as the HVAC and office equipment as a few examples.

2. Cost Effective

Using staff to clean your work-space does carry a fair amount of costs as some cleaning equipment, cleaning products and disposables will have to be bought regularly. A cleaning service will take the hassle of having these items on hand at all times, as it forms part of the service.

Additionally, it is possible that because they buy these items in large volumes, they will get them at a lower price and that cost savings can be passed on to you. An

3. Improved Customer Experience

Having your office or work-space in tip top shape does a lot to attract customers to your business.

Many people will seek businesses out based on advertisements and other means of publicity, but when they go the actual place of business, they are turned off because the standard of cleanliness and neatness is not very high.

Clearly this will have a negative impact because you instantly lose that customer and potentially many others business because of the poor state of the workplace and the negative word of mouth from that customer. Having a cleaning service do regular cleaning will go a far way in ensuring that your customers are pleased with the environment and will continue to do business with you and refer others.

4. Employee Morale

For the same reasons that customers will react positively to a well-kept office or other place of business, employees are also keen on working in a clean and inviting space.

This type of surrounding sets the tone for employee morale, as they feel good about working in the space which and it conveys the message that the owners of the business care about their welfare

5. Health

Where there is dirt and clutter there are germs. People who work in spaces that are not properly or regularly cleaned are likely to become ill more often when compared to a similar organization that has a good cleaning programme in place.

By keeping your office clean, illness due to allergens and bacteria are less likely to occur.

Here at North Kent Cleaning Services we would be happy to come in and take the office cleaning hassle of your hands for good. Please contact us at info@northkentcleaning.co.uk or 01634 271 173 so that we can keep our business looking its best.