5 Ways To Reduce Waste In Your Company
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5 Ways To Reduce Waste In Your Company

Waste is an inevitable part of life.  No matter what kind of lifestyle choices we make or any activity that we choose to engage in, inevitably, there is usually some waste associated with most things that we do.  The problem is as we well know, is that we are running out of space in which to dispose of waste and also,   waste is having a significant impact on the environment, therefore, we have had to find methods to eliminate recycle or reduce waste.

The workplace is a place where at times a massive amount of wastage takes place.  Some of this has to do with the nature of people in that the supplies being used are not purchased by them, so they are not financially affected by waste.  Businesses lose thousands of pounds each year because of unnecessary waste in organizations.   Business owners and operators should be concerned about waste from a financial standpoint as well as from an environmental one.  As consumers become more aware of the potential impact on the environment caused by businesses they patronize, they are increasingly demanding that the companies that they do business with are doing all they can to minimize the waste and reduce their carbon footprint

These issues, corporate responsibility regarding waste management and reduction, the opinion of the customer and the overall cost to the company because of a non-cohesive approach to waste management are more than enough to prompt any organization to review their waste management practices.  Below are a few tips to get to thinking about how you can improve things at your workplace.

Reduce Quantities

This is a very simple concept.  Look at all that you are purchasing for the business and where you can reduce on quantities of anything, do so.  For example if your business sends packaged items,  you should look at reducing the packing material while not compromising the safety of the product being shipped.

Recycle Paper

Paper is one of the items that is wasted.  Many of us are familiar with the colleague who sends five copies of a 20 page document to the printer when they only need one copy, and then they  just leave the other four unwanted copies on the printer until someone else removes them.  This paper can be reused for internal documents or to make note or scratch pads. Any paper being disposed of should be used on both sides before being tossed into the bin.

Reusable Supplies in the Staff Room

There can be no doubt that using disposals in the staff room is an easy and convenient way to provide utensils for your employees.  However, in an office, this is one of the areas that produces the most waste on a daily basis so therefore you may want to consider getting items that are reusable for this area.

Improve Your Recycling Programme

Most businesses have some type of recycling programme in place, but even if you have one that you believe is working well, you should check on its effectiveness from time to time.  A good recycling programme will have a conveniently placed waste station or area with the relevant bins that are colour coded and clearly marked. 

Waste Assessment

If you are not entirely sure of what is being wasted, and how waste is being handled in your company, you will not be in a position to properly manage it.  The best way to get a handle on what is taking pace in regards to waste is to conduct a waste assessment.  You may choose a company to do this for you or you can do it yourself.  Some of the questions you ask are:

a. What kind of waste is being generated and how is it disposed of?

b.  Are the trash receptacles adequate for the waste being produced?

c. Are we making a serious effort to recycle or reuse items?

With this information in hand, you will be in a position to design the right programme for your business.

North Kent Cleaning Services has the expertise to be your waste management partner.  We would be happy to come in and do a Waste Assessment for you to set you on the right path.  Please contact us at info@northkentcleaning.co.uk or 01634 271 173 so that we can help to optimize your waste management activities.