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5 Weird But Effective Cleaning Hacks

Even if you live to have a clean house, very few people enjoy the process of cleaning. No matter your stance on the issue, one thing that is true for everyone is that they would rather spend their time doing things other than cleaning. Thankfully, some clever individuals have worked out some of the best ways to make sure your home or office is neat and tidy without having to spend hours on end. If this sounds like the life you wish to lead, take a look at our 5 weird but effective cleaning hacks.

5. Dryer Sheets are A Great Way to Clean Baseboards

Everyone knows that dryer sheets have anti-static properties. That’s why we put them into the laundry in the first place, so that clothes do not come out all wrinkled and cracking with electricity. Not only will the dryer sheets get the dust that is on the baseboard off, but will also leave a repellent charge, discouraging more dust from settling there. As a result your baseboards will stay cleaner longer!

4. Air Freshener Makes Great Mirror and Window Cleaner

We’ve all used a bottle of blue stuff to clean off the various glass surfaces in our lives, but what if there were a way to clean your glass surface and leave your house smelling fresh and clean at the same time? There is! Simply replace your current glass cleaner with some spray air freshener and you will get clean glass without streaks as well as a room that smells like it’s never even seen a speck of dust.

3. Alka Seltzer Makes Vases Sparkle

Displaying flowers in a vase is one of the oldest and most popular forms of home decorating. However this strategy comes undone when your vases have lines of stains from water and plant material. A lot of vases are stylish to the point of being difficult to clean. A surprisingly easy solution is to pour water into the vase and then drop in two tablets of Alka Seltzer. The reaction releases agents that clean the side of the vase, and the bubbles provide a scrubbing action that will leave it sparkling like new.

2. Rubber Gloves Pick Up Pet Hair

Many people love their pets, but hate the mess they leave behind. This can be especially difficult when it comes to getting pet hair off of your furniture. However a bit of science knowledge and a pair of rubber gloves can make this task a breeze. Simply put on the gloves and rub your hands over the furniture. The gloves will attract the hair with static electricity, leaving your furniture looking fab.

1. Nuke Some Water to Clean your Microwave

Microwaves are one of the hardest things to clean, with their narrow doors, small internal spaces, and odd corners. However, you can make cleaning it up a snap simply by microwaving a bowl of water. The steam released softens and releases the gross particles stuck to your microwave. For an added bonus you can microwave the sponge for 1 minute when you are done to have a clean sponge as well!