A Cleaner Vet Office = Healthier Pets
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A Cleaner Vet Office = Healthier Pets

Veterinary physicians inherently love animals and will normally do everything they can to give them the best possible treatment give them the care they need they are ill. The last thing a vet wants to do is to hurt animals in any way, yet without even knowing it, the health of the animals being treated can be adversely affected by the vet’s office if it is not properly cleaned.

It’s extremely important that vets pay attention to details and have their office professionally cleaned regularly. A single mistake can turn into a massive problem, affecting all the animals that go to the clinic – the ill ones, the ones who are just going for a shot, and the animals that are just recovering. A vet’s office is, ultimately, a medical facility and as with most other medical facilities, there is a high risk of contamination.

When a pet owner enters your office, he expects to see a spotless place without any odd smell, any pet hairs lying on the floor (even if another pet just left 5 minutes ago) or any spots on the floor. The first impression counts so attention needs to be paid to all these details in order to make a good impression on pet owners and also to maintain a healthy environment for the treatments of their animals.

Here are some of the areas in a vet’s office that need to be cleaned properly and frequently:

Ceiling Fans And Air-Conditioning Ducts

These should be frequently cleaned. Without a proper cleaning, ceiling fans and air-conditioning ducts night spread an unpleasant odour or they might get mold or bacteria that can potentially harm not only the pets in the vet’s office, but also the people who work there.

The Reception Area

The first area your clients notice is usually the front desk, waiting room or reception area. Keep the desk organized with all files categorized and archived. Make sure the floor is cleaned very frequently because there are many pets going in and out and they can leave behind unwanted particles like hair and other pet dander.

Examination and Treatment Rooms

The examination rooms cleaning must be very thorough. The examination table for example, should be cleaned every time there is a new patient. Any garbage containers in these areas should also be emptied frequently to reduce the spread of contaminants like bacteria and parasites that can be transmitted from one animal to another.

The Kennels

If a vet office has a kennel keeping it clean can be a difficult task but it is not impossible. Ideally the cages should all be routinely cleaned making sure that the walls as well as the floors are not over looked. Be careful when using bleach water to clean. Any surfaces cleaned with bleach need to be properly dried before animals should be allowed to get in contact with them again.

Car Park & Garden

These areas tend to be neglected but it is also important to keep them clean. Make sure that they are kept little free and you should place at least one rubbish bin outside your office if possible to encourage persons to dispose of their unwanted items the right way.

If you would like more information about how you can keep your vet office clean, or if you would like us to take care of the cleaning for you, you can contact us anytime via email at info@northkentcleaning.co.uk or by telephone at 01634 271 173.