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Are Dirty Toilets Hurting Your Business

One of the most common sources of complaints faced by restaurants, shopping centres and offices is the state of the toilets. While some will brush them aside as a normal by-product of running a commercial enterprise, they could be significantly more than that. They could actually be driving away existing customers who then spread their dissatisfaction by word of mouth and drive away future business. But just what are the things people are complaining about? Here are the most common issues:

  • Clogged or dirty toilets – No one wants to enter a public toilet in search of relief and come face to face with a clogged or filthy loo. Fair or not, the impression is that the company in charge of maintaining the bathroom simply doesn’t care about its visitors. This is the kind of word of mouth no business owner needs and can drive away customers.
  • Empty soap dispensers – Most parents teach their kids the importance of washing their hands after using the facilities. As such, many people take offense if they reach for the soap and there’s none to be had. If this happens in a restaurant, it can be particularly problematic as it implies there is no way for kitchen staff to wash their hands before returning to work.
  • Overflowing rubbish bins – If no one is emptying the bins on a regular basis it can prove an embarrassment that actually drives customers away. This may not be as serious to most people as a clogged toilet, but it’s not far behind. The result is often customers who choose to go elsewhere next time out.
  • Foul odours – If a client enters the office toilet and is struck by a cloud of foul odours, it can have the effect of dampening their enthusiasm for doing business with your company. Same with restaurant customers. Foul odours in the bathroom indicate a lack of caring and reflect poorly on the entire enterprise.

Don’t allow a dirty toilet to drive away business. Enlist the help of North Kent Cleaning Services and make sure your toilets always present your enterprise in a flattering light.