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Can Your Commercial Cleaning Company Help Improve Your Sales?

Paying your employees well and making sure they are motivated to work is just as important to the productivity of your business as the cleanliness of your environment.

It all comes down to the first impression you leave in the minds of your customers, whether you are running a fast food restaurant or a Fortune 500 company. Having a work environment that is well kept can make the difference between your business reaching its maximum capability or if it falls to the ground.

Yes, a clean environment is that important. Fortunately this is where a commercial cleaning service can work miracles and actually help improve your sales.

Clean Environment boost sales. How?

One would ask, can a commercial cleaning company improve your sales? And the answer is a clear YES they can. A business has many factors that influences a decline or a rise in their sales, one that some may not even consider sometimes is a clean, safe and healthy environment. But emphasis must be placed on this factor as it is one that affects the mind and morals of your employees and your customers alike. 

Imagine going into an office space to conduct your business, any business really and it is evident that the rubbish has not been taken out from the previous day, you see that there is mould in the corners, you have to wipe your chair off… how irritating would that be?

Would you actually stay and spend your hard earned money in such a place?

It may be true that it does not take professionals to keep your work surroundings clean but it takes cleaning professionals to do it right the first time, in the safest and most cost-effective way. Cleaning professionals know what to do and when to do it. They offer you the flexibility of having all your cleaning and sanitary needs met without having to deal with the employment of the persons yourself, saving you time and money in the process.

Encourage and Improve Employees Efficiency 

A clean and healthy environment facilitates the productivity of your employees, ensuring that your business environment is not the reason they are not at their most efficient selves at any given time. The more efficient each employee is, the better it is for your sales and the overall productiveness of your business.

You do not want your employees to show up to work just because they should or come in only to wait for the time to run by so that they can go home. They would rather be elsewhere anywhere but here really. That attitude will damper your sales and in some ways that arrogance can turn off your customers, leaving you with two issues to resolve.

Comfortable Work Environment

Hiring a cleaning company will ensure that your work environment is always clean and comfortable for your employees and your customers as well. 

Speaking of customers, especially in today’s economic environment where more and more individuals are now health conscious, persons will not hesitate to switch to other companies if the environment you invite them into is not favourable to their health or over all well-being. A clean environment speaks value where your business and employees are concerned.

Your business, your sales can not afford for your employees to be distracted and when their environment is not beneficial to a healthy, productive work flow, both your business and sales will pay the price. 

Making a good impression, keeping your staff healthy, avoiding the hassle of cleaning the place yourself or employing someone to do it, saving time and money while getting the job done right the first time are just some of the benefits of having a professional cleaning service come in and take care of your sanitary needs.

Your cleaning service should be able to cater to your specific business needs and provide you with the surrounding you need to facilitate grow and increase sales in your business environment. 

Yes some businesses, especially smaller ones, like to do their cleaning themselves which is no problem at all; but a professional cleaning service knows exactly what to do to have your work environment looking and feeling like a place where other persons would want to be.

Your employees need the push to entertain and the energy to pull customers to your business.

Improve Health 

Furthermore, an environment free from allergens, bacteria and bugs will lessen the sick days for your employees. Fewer sick days means more personnel at work, more personnel mean more productivity and more productivity means more sales. Good morale in your employees at your work place is fundamental to your businesses growth.

Even though it is an easy and inexpensive way to increase sales environmental hygiene is often overlooked by management as one of the driving forces behind the success of the business that they operate and it is. The foundation of your business resides around the productivity of your employees and their output. 

Employees are more productive in a surrounding that they are happy to come to every morning. One in which they feel relaxed and motivated to complete the tasks at hand. A clean, healthy and save environment is also a great way to motivate staff, they will see it and they will appreciate it. When your surrounding is clean, you can breathe better and think better. You also help to avoid: 

  • Decreased productivity
  • Transmission of illness (colds, flu) to other employees
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lowered ability to perform at peak levels
  • Decreased quantity of work completed
  • Spending additional time on tasks
  • Decreased quality of work
  • Increased Nonappearance, company-wide, due to Illness
  • Lowered Quality of Performance and Job Accomplishment
  • Lack of initiative
  • Inability to be social with co-workers.

All the above clearly indicates that if your environment is not at its best neither will your staff thus affecting your productivity and sales. Be sure that you do all you can to motivate your staff and ensure a healthy and safe environment for your staff and customers. They will thank you for it.

Please contact us at or 01634 271 173 so that we can keep your surroundings spotless. We use safe, environmental friendly and cost effective cleaning equipment’s and solutions.  That will ensure the motivation and enhance the productivity of your staff.