Why You Should Choose an Eco Friendly Cleaning Service
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Why You Should Choose an Eco Friendly Cleaning Service

It’s time to embrace the green clean if you haven’t already. Better known as eco-friendly cleaning, going green has advantages for both consumers who need a clean home or business and for the environment, of which we all considerably depend upon to maintain our livelihood. When you’re handing the housekeeping duties over to someone else, ensure that you choose eco-friendly cleaning services to enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning.


The Dangers of Cleaning Toxins


Many of the cleaning products sold today are not safe for the environment, nor are they safe for pets or for humans. They contain ingredients known to cause an array of problems that could very well leave you feeling down and out, or dealing with issues such as allergies, asthma, and even eczema. Cleaning products also cause short-term consequences like allergic reactions. Some people are affected by these toxins more than others, but there’s only one way to stop the effects in their tracks and that is with the discontinuation of the products that are likely the culprits of your various irritations.


Furthermore, many of the cleaning products on the market today are tested inside laboratories that use animal testing to produce their products. If you are an animal lover, knowing the cleaners that you use are tested on your furry friends is quite disheartening.


Toxins Inside Cleaning Products


The following is a short list of some of the harmful ingredients used inside cleaning products that use. These ingredients are known to cause illness, health concerns, or negative impacts to the environment.


  • Phthalates: Found inside many scented air fresheners and dish soap, Phthalates is never easy to discover on an ingredient list because it is often listed as simply ‘fragrance.’
  • Triclosan: This is an ingredient that is usually found inside hand soaps marked ‘antibacterial.’ The ingredient promotes growth of a bacteria resistant to drugs.
  • Ammonia: Although anyone can sustain problems from ammonia, it is oftentimes those with asthma or other breathing issues whom suffer the worst. This powerful cleaning agent is also a powerful irritant that can cause eye irritation, skin discoloration, burning of the skin, and an array of other health concerns.


This is only a short list of the many toxins that are found inside the cleaning products used today.


No one benefits when traditional cleaning products are used.


Go Green and Get a Remarkable, Worry-Free Clean


Choosing an eco-friendly cleaning service to clean your home or business is an ideal solution that leaves you without the need for these toxic cleaners. But, you’re not forsaking a clean home, as professional green cleaners have commercial-strength products that leave your building spic and span clean.


Green cleaning companies care about the environment and providing you with a clean space. These services use toxic-free cleaning solutions that thoroughly clean all areas of your building. No matter which room needs attention, eco-friendly cleaning companies have the right products to get the job done.


Make the Right Cleaning Decisions


Choosing an eco-friendly cleaning service provides a clean, healthy, enjoyable home or workplace for yourself, the people that you love, customers, employees, and others. But, the benefits don’t stop there, and by using eco-friendly cleaning, you’re minimising some of the harm caused to the environment by the use of toxic cleaning products.


If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of green cleaning, give our professionals a call right away. We’d love to help you learn more about eco-friendly cleaning, and of course we’ll gladly come to your home to provide you with a spotless, green clean when you’re ready!