A Cleaning Guide For The End Of Your Commercial Tenancy
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A Cleaning Guide For The End Of Your Commercial Tenancy

Although moving premises can be exciting, it can also be a lot of hard work. When your commercial tenancy comes to an end, it isn’t easy to vacate the space and cleaning is just one element of the task.

Even if the office is only small, the task can still be quite onerous, and for larger companies, calling in professional help is certainly the best way to accomplish the task. However, if you’re going to try to tackle the job yourself, here is your guide to cleaning at the end of your tenancy.

Cleaning Out Desks

This is a job that every employee can tackle on their own behalf, which is just as well, since desks are often dirty and messy, full of old rubbish that they’ve been hoarding for years. If you set up a recycling point for paper rubbish, this will ensure a more eco-friendly disposal, although any sensitive documents will need to be destroyed differently.

Supply everyone with their own cardboard box which they can fill with any essentials to be taken to the new premises. Keep the box small and it will keep the amount of unnecessary items to a minimum.

Wipe down all desks with anti-bacterial cleaning spray before leaving. If they are remaining in the office, this will ensure that they are clean for the next tenant, and if you are taking them with you, it will ensure that no dust is brought into your new office.

Destroying Documents

If your company has a lot of printed sensitive documents, transporting them securely to the new premises is important. Any items which are no longer required need to be shredded and then recycled.

Cleaning The Floors

If the space is carpeted, it will need to be thoroughly cleaned with professional equipment, and any stains will need to be removed with a stain removing product. If the flooring is wood, you will need to sweep and mop it before you leave, however don’t start this until all items have been removed as otherwise you could end up making more marks on the floor and have to mop again.

Clean The Kitchen

The office kitchen may be another problematic area. Cupboards and worktops will have to be thoroughly wiped and the fridge will need emptying with all out of date food being thrown away before cleaning all of the fridge surfaces including the shelves and door. Empty the filter of the dishwasher and run an empty cycle so that it is thoroughly cleaned. If there is a toaster, turn it upside down to remove the crumbs and also wash out the kettle. Sweep and mop the kitchen floor and take all rubbish to the correct recycling or disposal area.

Getting Help

If your office space is large or if you just don’t have time to tackle such a big cleaning task, a professional cleaning company can provide the perfect solution. Ensuring that premises are cleaned to the highest standards, professional cleaners will make sure that your premises look as good as new at the end of your tenancy.