Cleaning Matters Seminar 2017

Cleaning Matters Seminar 2017

On May 3rd, 2017, in a land far away from our offices in the south east of England, Scotland’s only event dedicated for cleaning, hygiene, and sanitary professionals will take place. The commercial cleaning industry has grown exponentially over the previous decade, creating professionals and inventors around the globe, many of which will be making an appearance at this seminar.

The main purpose of the event is to train and educate visitors with all the latest sciences’ and technologies’ involved in the cleaning industry. The event will be separated into separate sectors with their own speakers and professionals. This is an all day event spanning from the 3rd to the 4th of May 2017.  The first day of the seminar is reported to be the busiest of both days.

The Events

This will be one of the first event’s of its kind, where professionals around the world gather to review and speak about the latest state-of-the-art technologies involved in all matters of hygiene. Dianna Steinbach, the Director of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Oceania Services, and the ISSI will be making an appearance, among other very respectable and well known professionals. She will be giving a talk on “The Value of Clean” on the first day.

Another extremely important topic that will be covered on the first day of the seminar is what’s called “Meeting the Corporate Environmental Challenge.” This talk we be conducted by Derek Robertson, Chief Executive of “Keep Scotland Beautiful.” In the talk, he will review different and effective ways a business can meet the expectations set for businesses’ in the current world of environmental affairs. With the rising issues that the environment has been bringing to the global table, it’s vitally important to learn all the possible information on the new expectations and how to meet them.

One of the most awaited talks in the seminar will be “Robotics and the Cleaning Industry,” conducted by Kris Robertson, TASKI Leader UK & Ireland for Diversity – Sealed Air Group. This talk will have a focus on how the growing robotics industry could change, affect, and benefit those in the cleaning industry. Robotics in the commercial cleaning industry has exceeding previous growth estimates, showing that the field is rapidly growing, with no slowing down in sight.

In fact, even Brexit will be discussed during the seminar. Jo Hennessy, Senior Associate at Pinsent Masons law firm, will be giving a talk on the effects Brexit has and will have on both the effects on the cleaning industry, along with the secondary effects immigrants will have on the economy. In fact, research shows that businesses involved from the benefit of immigration, are likely to be heavily impacted by the new and coming rules. All this and more will be discussed by Jo.

Entry Information

For those seeking entry to the seminar, Scotland Works offers free entry for all registered guests. Hours run from 9 to 4pm on the 3rd and 9 to 3:30pm on the 4th.

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