Coffee Stains On Your Office Carpet? Follow These Tips To Get Rid Of Them

Do you have carpets in your office or workspace? If so, there’s a good chance that there is at least one coffee stain spoiling its appearance. Whether in the reception area where visitors are served drinks while they wait, whether around workers’ desks or whether in meeting rooms, coffee stains create a negative impression of your business and make the environment unattractive and unappealing.

The good news, however, is that it’s quite quick and easy to treat coffee spills to make sure that lingering stains don’t set in. The key is getting to the spillage as rapidly as possible. The more quickly you treat the stain, the better chance you have of keeping your floor looking its best, in pristine condition.

Acting Quickly Is The Key

If someone spills coffee on your workspace carpets, it’s imperative to take immediate action. Get a clean cloth or paper towel and use it to blot the affected area gentle while it is still wet. This will absorb the maximum amount of coffee.

Next, mix one tablespoon of washing up liquid with a tablespoon of white vinegar and two cups of hot water. The vinegar will work to eradicate the coffee from the deep fibres of the carpet. Meanwhile, the washing up liquid will get to work to dissolve the coffee stain.

Apply the solution onto the stain. Begin by blotting the stain from the outside into the centre. After application, rinse the solution away using fresh, clean water. Carry on blotting the stain until both it and the residue of the solution have been fully removed.

Once your carpet is clean of the stain, allow the affected area to dry naturally. Put a clean kitchen towel or cloth over the spot and put a heavy object on top of it to hold it firmly in position. Leave the area to dry fully. When it is dry, take away the cloth or towel and you should find that the stain is gone and the carpet looks pristine once more.

Top Tips For Cleaning Coffee Stains From Your Carpet

Usually, washing up liquid is mild and therefore it shouldn’t damage your carpet in any way. However, it’s always wise to take some sensible precautions just in case. Test the solution on an area of the floor which is inconspicuously first to make sure that there is no bleaching or marking of the carpet. This will prevent the stain from worsening rather than improving when the solution is applied.

If the stain is especially difficult to remove, there is a more heavy-duty alternative that you can try. Mix up a paste by adding water to baking soda and spread the paste onto the stain. Leave it to dry, and once it has, vacuum the residue away. You should find that your carpet looks as good as new once more.

Hiring A Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

If you use a professional commercial cleaning company like North Kent Cleaning Services, you can rest assured that your carpets will always be cleaned to the highest standards. Stains won’t be a problem as our trained operatives have all of the necessary equipment and skills at their fingertips to ensure your floors stay pristine and perfect.