Communal Area Cleaning Comes Alive with North Kent Cleaning Services
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Communal Area Cleaning Comes Alive with North Kent Cleaning Services

For property management companies, there could not be a bigger nightmare than to see the communal areas of their properties unkempt and unclean. After all, besides existing tenants, prospective ones are also put off by the lack of cleanliness.

At the same time, ensuring cleanliness on their properties when that is not their core activity proves to be a major challenge for them. It is under such circumstances that we make our mark as a professional communal area cleaning business that can duly assist all entities in such a dilemma.

Accordingly, beyond real estate management companies, folks running sheltered homes or those in charge of housing associations also benefit incrementally from our communal area cleaning services.

In that regard, let us look at some of our communal area cleaning services in greater detail, while also gauging the impact that these services make.

Regular, timely cleaning of the communal area

Even with regular, full time employees in place, it has been seen that communal areas often end up falling short of the state of cleanliness that is expected from them; many employees lack dedication while others may simply choose to disappear. All such circumstances of course give concerned folks major operational headaches!

With us, the situation is very different because we are a professional cleaning services company, with ample dedicated, motivated and highly trained staff. So folks hiring us can be assured that irrespective of the actual employee or set of employees doing the job, it will consistently be done to perfection without exception. Not only that, you need not worry about supervision of the cleaning work; it will be done meticulously at all times.

Wide range of communal area cleaning services

The term communal area cleaning in this particular context is rather wide. Within it you can expect cleaning services such as washroom cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, complete office area cleaning, and so on. Therefore, there is little need for exact specification of all the cleaning needs required.

This proves to be a major relief for all businesses that hire us for communal area cleaning since they know that with us they essentially get a one stop shop; they don’t have to worry about portions that may not be cleaned adequately.

Maintenance, a major aspect of communal area cleaning

While looking at communal area cleaning, a major component is of maintenance. This could be in the form of general maintenance and repair work, maintenance of hard floors, maintenance of washrooms, etc.

Again the idea is to offload concerns with regard to maintenance from the shoulders of property management companies – they can focus on their core activities, while leaving ancillary portions of the same related to cleanliness and maintenance to us.

Positive impression left on existing and future stakeholders

Given this discussion related to communal cleaning, it would be imperative that we touch upon the positive impression that our activities make. Remember that the businesses we mentioned are all effectively in the area of client servicing – just as we are. So when you have existing and prospective clients walking into your facilities, you obviously want to leave them with a lasting impression.

Among others, one of the foremost ways of doing so it to present a spotlessly clean place. Take for instance a prospective client who walks into your office to discuss a multi-million-pound marketing deal. While nuances of the deal will of course be centre stage, a spotlessly clean, well laid out office will surely leave an extremely favourable impression on the prospect, perhaps making a significant difference when it comes to actually clinching that deal!


The communal area cleaning services at North Kent Cleaning Services certainly go a long way. To avail and make the most of them, feel free to call on 01634 271 173 or send an email to