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Dedicated Food Production Area Cleaning at North Kent Cleaning Services

When it comes to food production facilities, there is of course absolutely no room whatsoever for compromise on the cleanliness front. At North Kent Cleaning Services, we take the cleaning requirements of all such facilities in Kent, Medway, and beyond, very seriously, ensuring that their facilities are absolutely spic and span, without exception.

In that regard, let us look at some of the aspects that we particularly excel in, when it comes to ensuring cleanliness at food production companies.

Going beyond the obvious dirt

At food production facilities, it is absolutely vital that one goes beyond obvious, visible dirt. For instance, there are all kinds of bacteria and germs that can creep in and infect the food that is being produced or processed. At North Kent Cleaning Services, it is our job to ensure that cleanliness is maintained beyond visible dirt, to the extent that there is no contamination whatsoever from harmful germs and bacteria.

For this, we have just the right disinfectants and other cleaning items in place, in addition to highly trained staff with unique experience in food production and processing area cleaning.

Particular focus on dirt, muck and other filth accumulation areas

A major obstacle to food production area cleaning is the accumulation of muck in certain areas. To give you an example, many such facilities often face challenges related to blockage of drains since food particles and all kinds of other debris tend to accumulate there. Cooking fat is a particularly obstinate by-product of the food industry that simple refuses to pass through smoothly, instead getting stuck in pipes and clogging drains.

At North Kent Cleaning Services, we are well aware of all these “high risk” areas where muck and debris tends to accumulate in the food industry, ensuring that there is a very thorough cleaning job done, each time we get down to it.

Smooth functioning of machinery  

Any food production facility requires seamless functioning of machinery installed on the premises. Whether it is a factory producing food products or a simple coffee shop, there is machinery of varying degrees of advancement installed on the premises, all of which need to function smoothly at all times. Now among the many issues that can possibly crop up, unkempt items can lead to muck or debris coming in the way of these machines operating optimally. Again, in such circumstances, it is our intuitive ability to keep things clean which proves priceless for all such food based operations.

Profitability as a direct consequence

All of the above pointers lead to increased profitability for food based operations which is why they eagerly seek our services. When:

  • The premises are spotlessly clean;
  • The machines work perfectly;
  • There is no risk of food contamination;
  • All outlets, drains work seamlessly;

Industry recognition of our cleaning efforts

At North Kent Cleaning Services, we are very proud of being compliant with COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations. This in turn helps us in ensuring that the food businesses we assist (on their cleaning requirements), do fulfil legal requirements of their own, as per the Food Safety Act of 1990.


North Kent Cleaning Services is very proud of the food production area and factory cleaning services that it provides to clients in Kent, Midway and beyond.

If you are in need of such exemplary services, feel free to give us a call on 01634 271 173 or send an email to