What Are The Dirtiest Items In An Office?
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What Are The Dirtiest Items In An Office?

Keeping the office clean can be a real struggle. Many people have the best intentions when it comes to cleaning the office, especially after it has been cleaned professionally. But after a while, people can fall into bad habits and before you know it the bins are overflowing, there is a half-eaten banana on the desk and you do not even want to dare going into the bathroom!

Well, today we are sharing with you what some of the dirtiest items in an office are. Some of these may shock you, but we hope they shock you straight into hiring professionals to clean your office and for the people, you work with to keep on top of it.

The Office Microwave

Do you ever clean your office microwave? We would bet the answer to this is no and if you were to ask around the office most of the other people would say no as well! With meat and vegetables being spilled all over, the office microwave is a superheated hotbed of bacteria.

Your Work Desk

Yes, that is right the whole work desk. On average there are more bacteria on a work desk than there is a toilet seat. 10 million germs are estimated to be on the average work desk so make sure you give it a good clean regularly and do not leave old food and drinks hanging around.

Keyboard & Mouse

These are part of your desk, but if there was a clear winner for what is the dirtiest item on a desk it is your computer. The reason for this is that you can spend hours and hours each day using your computer and how often do you clean it? Have you ever cleaned it? Exactly! Again it is said that a keyboard and mouse contains far more bacteria than a toilet seat.

The Soap Dispenser

Ok so this one is really gross, but there is a reason so many public places have these automated soap dispensers. The kind that you have to actually pump with your hand is the most disgusting thing in the bathroom. How can this be? Well, that is because people touch this before they wash their hands so more often than not they have faecal particles and all other kinds of nastiness on them!

The Office Fridge

If you think that it is unlikely people are going to clean the microwave then the office fridge has it even worse! The office fridge is full of leftover food and drink. This can lead to just a horrible build-up of bacteria that can make people sick and also stink the place out. the average workplace fridge has nearly eight thousand bacteria colony forming units per square centimetre.

The Copy Machine

If people are not cleaning their computers, you can bet your last pound that no one is cleaning the copier! The office copier is used by everyone, so a ton of people are touching that touch pad each day so it is filthy and full of germs. The whole unit has people clawing all over it so it takes no time at all for bacteria to build up.



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