Extend The Lifespan of Your Office Building With Thеѕе Tips

Extend The Lifespan of Your Office Building With Thеѕе Tips

Starting a business is sometimes an expensive undertaking. One of the most costly aspects is that of finding a place from which to run your business; with the right location, office equipment and office furnishings being some of the most critical considerations. Having invested a huge amount of money on the entire office space, it then becomes very important to maintain it to a standard that will allow you to retain the value of the building and its assets to ensure that your costly investment is neither money wasted nor a recurring cost for replacement.

Clean Spaces

Dirt is a lot more than an unsightly nuisance; it can be dangerous to a building, both inside and outside. A buildup of dust and grime causes many problems as it can destroy surfaces such as the veneers and finishes on furniture or permanently damage the paint or other type of finishes on walls. Therefore it is important to keep your building clean at all times. Cleaning should be done at very regular intervals and deep cleaning or specialized cleaning should be carried out at least twice per year, with the exception of areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and dining areas which must be deep cleaned more often.

Building Inspections

There should also be a routine maintenance schedule for systems such as the electrical systems in the building. While many wait until a problem manifests itself before calling in the experts, it is wise to have a certified electrician inspect the building at least twice per year so that potential problems can be identified and fixed before any damage is caused. Inspection of the HVAC systems should also be done at regular intervals as a faulty system can lead to structural damage caused by heat and leaks which are not readily visible which can lead to extensive damage before the problem is discovered.

Fire Inspections

The building should be inspected at least twice per year for any fire hazards. Where hazards exist they should be rectified and proper safety regimens adhered to in order to minimize the risk of fire.


As with the inside of the building, the exteriors should also benefit from regular inspection for any signs of structural damage. In addition, as the external surfaces are exposed to extreme weather conditions, special attention needs to be focused on this area. Paint wears a lot quicker on exterior walls so they need to be painted more often than indoors. Apart from the unsightly appearance of peeling and cracking paint, paint or other external finishes actually protect walls.

Windows too should be inspected for any sign of damage and checked to ensure that when closed, the windows are fully sealed to prevent water and air from seeping in around the windows. They too should be cleaned regularly.

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