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Famous Clean Freaks

Many successful people are obsessively clean and if you know anything about feng shui you can see how having the things in your surroundings clean and orderly can contribute to your productively and consequently your success. Famous people who can be called clean freaks are the best examples of this because their clean freak habits are often well documented. Let us look at some of the successful clean freaks in our society and see what we can learn from them.

Clean Freaks

Before looking at our celebrity clean freaks let us take a moment to explain just what a “clean freak” is. For the purposes of this article a clean freak is defined as a person who obsessively cleans and organizes the contents of their surroundings. Being a clean freak does not necessarily mean that you have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) but it is true that many people with OCD are also neat freaks.

Howard Huges

Howard Huges, the first example of a successful famous person that we will look at did actually have ODC. The billionaire aviation tycoon was incredibly talented and had many successful businesses apart from his aviation company, including several successful film projects. Hughes was known for being obsessively clean and he had an intense germ-phobia.

Some people wonder if his obsession with being clean contributed to his success on some level but many agree that it contributed to his demise, as he seemed to unravel as his OCD got progressively worse. The lesson to be learnt here? It is good to be clean, just don’t go overboard. Obsessive cleaning can be stressful and stress is not your friend.

Kim Kardashian

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will be familiar with the name Kim Kardashian. Even if you are not a fan of the TV star’s reality series ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ I imagine you are all too aware of who she is. She is truly a mega star and has several successful business projects in addition to her TV show.

Kim has been labeled as the ‘queen of closet organizing’ due to her love of organizing and keep things, especially those in her closet, super clean and tidy. Kim herself professed that she finds organizing her closet to be an enjoyable activity to do at home. Before she skyrocketed to superstar status she actually operated a closet de-cluttering and organizing business.

It is all well and good to keep your surrounding cleans and it is definitely better than being untidy but obsessively cleaning and tidying creates stress. If you find that you fall into the clean freak category and are obsessively cleaning very often, learn to relax some of your standards and rules because each time you do, it reduces a little bit of stress. It’s not easy but you can train yourself.

Start with smaller things like leaving the towel if it is not exactly like you would like it to hang. It will help you make untidiness affecting you less.

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