Four Signs That Your Commercial Cleaning Service Needs to be Replaced

Four Signs That Your Commercial Cleaning Service Needs to be Replaced

Having a clean place of business not only important because we all strive to maintain basic hygienic standards. It is also important because cleanliness, or the lack thereof, will have a significant impact on your business outcomes if it is not handled properly.

An unclean environment will drive away customers and lower employee morale leading to lower productivity so on all levels it is important to keep business place clean.

Many businesses contract the services of a professional cleaning firm to handle their cleaning needs. However, from time to time, the service provider does not provide the level of service necessary to meet your standards which results in a poor image for your firm. There are some signs that perhaps it’s time to replace your cleaning company.

The Surroundings Look Dirty

This is a very obvious indicator that something has gone wrong.

If you come in to work in the mornings the office still looks the same way you left it the evening before; in that surfaces are not wiped, the floor appears dirty and there is still trash in the waste bins, it is clear that someone has dropped the ball. Some business operators will explain this away and does some of the light work themselves, but if you are paying for a service, you should get the results you desire.

Sticky Fingers

Many have had the experience of being unable to locate things on a desk for example; that they swore was there before. These items may be things you don’t use every day so their disappearance is not noticed at first, but you know within yourself that something is amiss. In other cases, it’s very clear that items have or are going missing from time to time. While we do encourage a thorough investigation, it may be unscrupulous cleaning staff that is responsible for the missing items. If you have identified this problem, and report it to the cleaning contractor but yet the problem persists, it is an indication that the contractor is not properly screening their staff which is exposing your company to several risks.

Amenity Supply is Always Low

As a part of the agreement, some contractors are responsible for providing supplies for the bathroom, kitchen and waste disposal, yet still, there never seems to be enough on hand. The bathroom is always low on soap and the kitchen never seems to have any paper towels available. If the contractor cannot keep their end of the agreement by stocking to agreed levels, this is a main problem as you are paying for amenities that you are not receiving, which if you think about it can be considered to be more than inefficient and perhaps fraudulent.

Recurring Safety Problems

The last thing that any business needs is a slip, trip or fall incident on their property or someone coming in contact with some compound that they should not. Cleaners do use techniques and chemicals in order to do their jobs, however this should not become a problem for staff or customers. If wet floors, the main cause of slips and falls are not made inaccessible for the time in which they are wet or no warning signs put up, the result is that you will face claims from persons that have been hurt on your premises.

If you have any of these experiences or any other that are similar in nature, there’s no doubt about it; it’s time to replace your cleaning contractor. At North Kent Cleaning Services, we won’t let your business down by a careless approach to our work. Please contact us at or 01634 271 173  so we may discuss how we will help to keep your business on top of its game.