How to Get Rid of Bathroom Odours
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How to Get Rid of Bathroom Odours

Restroom odours create major problems for commercial businesses with employees, customers, clients, and others coming into their facility. These odours create an unpleasant environment that doesn’t make a good first impression, or positive vibes for those frequenting the  business. A recent study suggests that 43% of those polled had left a facility because of unpleasant bathroom odours. Some restroom odours may even cause headaches, nausea, and other unanticipated and undesirable effects. Maintaining clean bathrooms within your facility is imperative, regardless of the business size or course of operation. Daily cleaning from a crew of professionals is the first step in maintaining clean, sanitary restrooms that don’t cause people to run for cover out the exit door.


Odour-Control Products


Despite spending so little time in the bathroom, people want the room fresh, clean, and welcoming when they go inside to take care of business, especially when they’re using a public facility. Many odour-control products are available that eliminate smells left behind in the bathroom.


Professional Cleaning


Choose a commercial cleaning company to provide daily bathroom cleaning services at your facility. Commercial-strength bathroom cleaners work much better than those sold at local home improvement stores, ensuring a sparkling shine in a clean environment. Additionally, professional cleaners understand why these odours are present , as well as the combination of cleaning techniques and products that best eliminate them.


Don’t Wait for the Pros


Make sure that you have cleaning supplies and tools on hand to clean up messes on days the cleaning company doesn’t come or days that accidents or odours occur after their departure. Just one day without cleaning could very well cause trouble.


Update Your Bathroom


Many new, improved bathroom products help prevent odours and messes. These items range from absorbent mats placed underneath urinals and toilets to odour control dispensers that emit fresh scents into the air while absorbing and masking odours. Costs of such products  vary, but are very reasonable considering the headaches you’ll avoid and the added expense of extra cleaning.


When Bathroom Odours Still Prevail


But, what to do if odours are still overpowering the bathroom despite these efforts? When these procedures aren’t enough, it’s time to learn if there’s an underlying plumbing issue causing the odours. Before calling a plumber, clean the floor drain to potentially eliminate the odours. One capful of vegetable oil down the floor drain could eliminate future odour smells, but regular water to clean the drain should do the trick, too.



A few final tips to minimise odours left behind in the bathroom:


  • Do not mop grouted floors. Doing so may result in dirt and bacteria left behind, subsequently resulting in odours and mold growth
  • Remove mop water and mops after use. Dirty mops and water can considerably contribute to a smelly facility
  • Use the proper cleaning products and tools to ensure a thorough clean that doesn’t urge bacteria and mold growth



Don’t let a smelly bathroom cause people to gather the wrong impression about your business. Although it requires a little elbow grease and diligent offers, keeping bathroom odours at bay is very much possible. We’ll gladly provide the extra help needed to maintain an odour-free environment. Give us a call to request your free estimate and let us eliminate those unpleasant bathroom odours from your business.