Is Green Cleaning A Cost Effective Choice?
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Is Green Cleaning A Cost Effective Choice?

Although many companies are still unconvinced of the benefits of green cleaning, there are actually many advantages, not the least because it is actually a very cost effective choice that can save your business money. From the reduction of waste to the minimisation of staff exposure to harmful chemicals which can result in employees having to take time off work, green cleaning can be extremely beneficial to any workplace.

Elimination Of Waste

Quite frequently, when using standing cleaning products, it is very tempting to simply pour first and think later when it comes to finding the right dilution. This means that one of two different scenarios is likely. The first – that too little cleaning solution is used – can result in workers being exposed to harmful bacteria which then means that they have to take time off work due to sickness, while the second – that too much cleaning solution is used – means that more money is spent on cleaning products than necessary. The impact on cost control and inventory measures can also be very serious, with extra pressure being added to already overextended budgets.

Less Worker Exposure To Chemicals

Green cleaning solutions are one of the best ways to eliminate the problem of exposure to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. If employees have allergies or respiratory problems, or if they accidentally make contact with a concentrated or poorly diluted cleaning chemical, they can suffer from burns, breathing problems and rashes that then require time off work. Not only does this mean reduced productivity for the company with fewer employees to carry out the work, but it could even result in expensive legal action if the employee suffers from a serious health problem as a result of their employment.

Reduced Water Usage

For companies that are on a water meter, keeping water usage to a minimum is very important. As well as helping to protect the environment, limiting the amount of water waste will cut bills and keep costs down. Many green cleaning products require less water use than traditional products, and therefore will help to slash those rising water bills, increasing profits for companies that choose to adopt them.

Long Term Savings

As green cleaning products do not contain harsh chemicals which can, over time, cause damage, surfaces will be better protected in the long term and will not require replacing so frequently. While chemical cleaning products can affect the operation of equipment and appliances and can cause abrasion or fading of floors, walls and other surfaces, green products cause none of these problems, meaning that companies can save money as there is no need to renovate so frequently.

As you can see from all of these advantages, there are lots of benefits to opting for a green cleaning service for your office or workplace. With such high quality environmentally sound products on the market these days, it’s possible for a professional green cleaning team to get your workspace looking flawless without costing the Earth.