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Green Cleaning Services come to Kent with ISO 14001 Certified North Kent Cleaning Services

While cleaning services in and around Kent and South East London may be plentiful, when it comes to green, environmentally friendly cleaning services, choices seem to plunge rather dramatically.

At North Kent Cleaning Services, we recognised this void early on and accordingly worked hard to get ourselves ISO 14001 certified – that confirms our commitment to environmental management in organizational settings, in complete compliance with prevalent laws and regulations.

Of course, after the certification, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that we continue to be a provider of green cleaning services in Kent and adjoining areas. For that we have taken a number of different steps as enlisted below.

Energy saving electronic devices

The electronic devices we use for cleaning – such as vacuum cleaners are energy optimised to the extent that they save maximum energy possible while functioning. That way, they undoubtedly contribute towards upkeep of the environment, ensuring that there is no additional burden in terms of excess energy consumption.

Moreover, we relentlessly focus on using the very latest energy saving devices on offer be it steam cleaners, ionators, or even microfiber cloths. These devices make a world of difference since they end up minimising the use of other items such as cleaning paper, cloths or chemicals that are of course not environmentally friendly at all, especially when used in excess quantity.

Finally, even the light bulbs we use while rendering our cleaning services are energy efficient in nature!

Minimal (optimal) use of cleaning chemicals

At North Kent Cleaning Services we always strive to ensure that we use as little cleaning chemicals as possible. Of course that does not imply we end up compromising on provision for cleaning. Rather we optimise the same, specially focusing on the chemical components, trimming them down to minimum levels possible.

Maximum use of recyclable material

A lot of items used for cleaning are recyclable, be it toilet rolls, paper, various plastic consumables, cleaning bags, etc. At North Kent Cleaning Services, we strive really hard to ensure that we use as much recyclable material as feasible.

Moreover, we go beyond simply recyclable material alone to also focus on identifying recycling opportunities such as having segregated bins with colour coding for differential items; for instance recyclable glass or plastic items go into a different bin as opposed to say unrecyclable vegetation trash.

Proactive attitude towards environmental friendliness

At North Kent Cleaning Services we go the extra mile to spread the message about being environmentally friendly, to all our stakeholders. For instance, while cleaning at our clients’ we offer tips on how best they can ensure a green way of sustenance.

Then when it comes to disposal of the waste that we collect, whether it is our vehicles or the waste disposal sites, at every step along the way, we try to offer as much support and information as possible so that things are undertaken in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Green cleaning audit

A final note would be that all of our green initiatives are not merely at our own end but they are in fact audited by concerned third party entities which ensure that our ISO 14001 certification remains valid over time as well.

So for a refreshingly green clean experience, feel free to call us on 01634 271 173 or send an email to