Hire an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Contractor to Boost Your Environmental Credentials

Climate change, energy usage and pollution continue to be hot topics across the globe and every business needs to make sure it is doing its best to minimise the impact its commercial activities have on the environment. Apart from any moral obligation you may feel to preserve the planet for future generations, more and more consumers are choosing to buy products made by environmentally-friendly companies so it pays dividends to be as eco-friendly as possible. Even if your company does not sell direct to consumers, if you deal with other companies that do, they will favour business partners that enhance their green credentials rather than detract from them. One way in which you can boost your own environmental credentials and those of your business partners is by hiring an eco-friendly cleaning firm.

The Benefits of an Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Service

There are a number of reasons to choose a green office cleaning service, the most important of which we have listed below:

  • Boosting Your Environmental Credentials – As we have already mentioned, one of the primary benefits of hiring an eco-friendly team of office cleaners is the boost it will give your corporate image.
  • Reducing Your Company’s Carbon Footprint – By working with a cleaning firm that follows eco-friendly cleaning practices, you can reduce your corporate carbon footprint and benefit the environment.
  • Less Toxic Detergents in Your Workplace – A cleaning company that uses environmentally friendly detergents wherever possible will help to ensure that the surfaces in your workplace are not contaminated with potentially toxic chemicals. Whilst reputable firms will always thoroughly rinse such chemicals off, not using them in the first place is the safest option.
  • Happier Employees – Your employees are also consumers and probably go out of their way to make eco-friendly shopping choices in their private lives. If they see that their employer is making an effort to become more environmentally friendly too, it is sure to have a beneficial effect on staff morale.

If you would like to work with a cleaning firm that offers eco-friendly cleaning services, call North Kent Cleaning today. We hold ISO certification for our environmental quality management.