The Importance of Making Hand washing a Habit at Work
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The Importance of Making Hand washing a Habit at Work

Bacteria and germs are everywhere, most especially at crowded and frequently used places.

What makes this worse is that bacteria are not visible to the naked eye.

Being in contact with other people and the things around you is exactly how these bacteria and germs spread from one person to another. At a workplace, it is clearly impossible to avoid being in contact with all agents that may carry bacteria and germs.

In fact, you are at greater risk if you are working in enclosed places, compromising your overall hygiene. Compromised hygiene increases your risk of getting sick; and getting sick means unproductivity and missing work. Consequently, it is important to look after yourself at all times to prevent acquiring diseases.

Hand Hygiene

Regardless of the nature of your job, it is undeniable that your hands are exposed and at work most of the time. As a result, your hands interact with bacteria and germs the most since these are used to touch and hold people and things in the office. Keeping them clean at all times must then be a top priority for it is the first step towards keeping a healthy and hygienic work environment.

Yes, you can use hand sanitizers, ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, or any other disinfectants to keep your hands clean all the time. However, nothing can ever beat the magic of proper handwashing against the inevitable spreading of bacteria and germs. In fact, it is universally considered as the leading way to prevent communicable diseases— simple yet highly effective as long as it is done correctly.

What is Proper Handwashing?

Before anything else, proper handwashing is characterised by frequency. It is customary to wash your hands properly before and after eating, after holding money, after touching public surfaces such as office desks, door handles, toilet flushes, among others.

Accordingly, you need to wash your hands thoroughly for not shorter than 20 seconds. While frequency is of utmost importance, the same is just as true with thoroughness. This means that you need to go through every corner of your hands, every finger, and not just your palms.

Bacteria and germs do not only reside on your palms; they can also be found on your fingernails and between your fingers.

Moreover, as much as possible, do not simply use water. Always accompany it with soap that lathers perfectly. It does not matter how the soap smells as long as it lathers and has effective disinfecting properties.

Importance of Proper Handwashing

The true gem of any profit organization are those who take part in carrying out its mission and generating revenue. No matter how small or how big your role is in a profit entity, you play an equally meaningful contribution to its success or failure. After all, everyone in a profit entity works towards one goal.

In order to guarantee productivity and maximize resources, all employees must not overlook even the tiniest things that lead to productivity. This begins in proper hygiene, which, on the other hand, begins in proper handwashing.

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