mpress Your Clients- Hire a Professional Cleaning Service
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Impress Your Clients- Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Maintaining a clean and hygienic work place is essential in ensuring that your staff is healthy and safe.


Regular cleaning also ensures that office equipment last longer. But a clean work environment is also important for safeguarding the health of your customers and clients and for impressing them as well!


A sanitized and hygienic workplace will create a positive ambience that will leave a good first impression on your clients when they come in.


With a work space that is professionally cleaned, your business will come off as hygienic, organized and professional. Here are 3 ways hiring a professional cleaning service ensures your clients are comfortable and impressed by your business.


Traffic Areas


Traffic areas in the workplace are areas that people use the most, for example the lobby.


The lobby is the first place visitors to your business come to and it is usually how they exit. This means that the lobby of a business needs to convey a certain air of cleanliness and good up-keeping in order to make your clients feel comfortable and satisfied with having made the choice to visit you, if only because your place of business is so inviting.


The carpet and floor in the lobby area must be spotless at all times. It is not enough to run a broom across the floor and carpet to get rid of visible dirt.


A professional cleaner will ensure that unsightly stains are removed from the carpet and floor, and that the area is sanitized so that germs are not spread whenever clients come in and out.




People always remember the smell of a place whenever they visit, especially if they are doing so for the first time.


If your office smells bad, your clients will notice immediately when they come in. Poor ventilation is the main culprit for bad odors. Many office activities create air pollutants such as dust and chemicals which get circulated all around the office thanks to your HVAC system.


If these pollutants are allowed to build up in the system, a musty odor will soon develop and this along with the pollutants can cause serious harm to persons with respiratory issues. A professional cleaning service will ensure that your ventilation system is in tip-top shape.




Ensuring that the fixtures in your business, especially those in high traffic areas like the lobby, are clean and free of dust will undoubtedly create a good first impression on your clients.


When they reach for a magazine on your coffee table, it should not be lined with dust that will get on their hands. These little areas can often get overlooked if the cleaning of your office is left up to staff or a regular janitor whose focus may extend to just the floors and restrooms.


Having a clean and hygienic business is the first step in creating a good reputation. North Kent Cleaning can help you do just that! Want to find out more about our services? Contact us!