Is Keeping Your Cleaning In-House Really Saving Your Business Money
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Is Keeping Your Cleaning In-House Really Saving Your Business Money?

Many business owners think that they’re saving money by managing cleaning in-house, however is it really saving them money? Here, we look at the reasons why businesses choose not to hire a cleaning company and whether they’re making the right choice.

Saving Costs

Some companies choose to hire a general maintenance operative in-house who is responsible for a wide range of tasks from repairs and stock management to cleaning and sanitising. While this may seem to be a very cost effective way of managing a variety of jobs which build up in any company, there is a distinct downside. For a start, there may be no set schedule for cleaning, and that means that tasks can often be neglected if the operative has to deal with other chores.

Although outsourcing cleaning to a professional company has a higher cost per hour, the staff are fully trained and operate to a set schedule so that you can be sure that all jobs will be carried out to the highest standard. Also, cleaning will be carried out throughout the year, even when the maintenance operate is sick or on holiday, meaning that there will never be periods without cover.

A Matter of Trust

Some companies prefer to have an in-house cleaner because they feel that this is the more trustworthy option. Having interviewed them personally and carried out checks, business owners often feel more at ease with trusting an in-house operative with potentially sensitive material they may encounter in the office. However there is a downside to this. If standards start to slip, it becomes the company’s responsibility to handle matters and this could be time-consuming and awkward.

Although you may not have personally interviewed a cleaning company operative, you can rest assured that they will have been thoroughly vetted by the company itself. All cleaners have been DBS checked and are covered by insurance for your peace of mind. Also, as the cleaning companies takes responsibility for any issues which could arise, the company has nothing to worry about should standards not be up to scratch.

Saving On Equipment

Although some companies think that by keeping their cleaning in-house they can save money on equipment and products, again this isn’t always the case. Buying poor quality cleaning products can result in poor standards of cleanliness and hygiene, and low quality equipment can lead to having to pay for repairs or replacements. Using the wrong products or equipment could even cause damage in the workplace which it is then the company’s responsibility to rectify.

When you use an outsourced cleaning company you can be confident that high quality, professional standard equipment is used on every cleaning task and the right products are used to ensure that the job is carried out to the highest standards. Should there be any damage, the company are also protected by a guarantee and will incur no financial losses.

While there are a number of elements to bear in mind when choosing the right cleaning option for your company, if you make your choice based purely on hourly rates, you could end up paying more in the long run. An outsourced cleaning company is a cost effective way to ensure that all work is carried out the highest standard with no additional company responsibilities or expenses.