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What To Look For When Choosing Cleaning Contractors

A clean, well maintained business place is welcoming to customers and is important for employee well-being, which will lead to higher productivity. Having the right cleaning contractor is critical for your business to meet and exceed cleanliness standards.

When choosing your contractor, there are a few things that you should look for to ensure that they will be able to provide the quality of service that is necessary to serve your business. Are they are adequately insured to cover any type of accident involving their employees and loss or damage to your property? Are they are using the most environmentally friendly processes available? And, are they flexible enough to change schedules to fit with any fluctuations that your business may experience?


Look for contractors that are highly recommended by people that you know or that can provide you with verifiable references. These references will attest to the contract’s competence, experience and track record in the marketplace. The last thing that you need is to hire a contractor that cannot deliver the quality service that you require to keep your surroundings in top shape.

Hiring Practices

How the contractor selects its staff is also important for you to consider. Do they carry out security screening prior to hiring? Do they test potential staff members to ensure that they can fit into varied environments? Their staff may need to be left in your establishment after hours and may even need to be entrusted with securing your premises before they leave. You need to know that they won’t steal anything and that your business will not be exposed because doors were left unlocked and so on.

Your needs may be such that the contractor’s staff has to interact with your employees on a regular basis. Choose a firm whose employees will fit seamlessly into your   business’ operations, causing no disruption to daily activities.


Accidents will happen at the workplace and sometimes, even with the most stringent of staff selection methods, there will be people who steal your property. Look for a contractor that has insurance coverage; liability and workers compensation insurance which will protect your business from any claims for injuries or losses that might occur.

Green Cleaning

Many customers are demanding that their service providers and suppliers use environmentally safe practices to reduce their carbon footprint. Consider a contractor that uses eco-friendly, green cleaning processes and has the appropriate accreditation for these processes. The right contractor will even be able to give you tips on how to improve your energy saving initiatives and how to effectively manage waste disposal and recycling.


From time to time, you may need to make last minute changes to your cleaning schedule based on the needs of your business. Your contractor should be able to make scheduling changes without too much of a hassle and no disruption to your operations.

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