Maintaining A Marble Floor
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Maintaining A Marble Floor

Many workplaces are now opting for marble floors to give a more stylish and appealing look to reception areas, meeting rooms and entrance lobbies. However, they raise their own problems when it comes to cleaning, care and maintenance. While marble is a luxurious and elegant flooring material which will be durable and attractive for a long time, it is a surprisingly delicate stone which means that conventional cleaning materials should be avoided since they can cause irreparable damage. To keep a marble floor looking shiny and unscratched, it’s important to take all of the right steps to keep it looking its best.

Regular Maintenance

Marble floors should be dusted, swept and mopped on a daily basis to help them to keep their natural shine in the long term. This can be achieved by filling up a bucket with a little pH neutral dishwashing detergent and warm water and then by using a clean, soft mop to gently wipe the floor using short strokes. Once this has been done, empty out the bucket then refill with plain, cold water and mop once more in order to remove the remaining soap residue. The floor should then be buffed with a clean and dry microfibre cloth to make it shine. Marble must then be allowed to dry naturally to prevent streaks from forming and spoiling its appearance.

Immediately Clean Spills

If anything is spilled on a marble floor, it is vital to immediately clean it before it stains and causes permanent damage. Marble is porous and so can stain easily, with greasy and acidic liquids being most problematic. To clean spills, use a cloth to blot (not wipe) up the spill straight away, then use a little pH neutral dishwashing soap and clean, cold water to wash the area gently. When the stain has gone, use a dry cloth to buff the affected area.

Taking Precautions

To keep a marble floor free of dirt, stains and scratches, it is wise to put in place some preventative measures. This can be done by putting down a high quality, large floor mat at the room’s entrance to catch all debris and dirt brought in on shoes that could scratch or damage the floor. All pets should be kept off the floor since claws can scratch marble and if any plant pots or other rough-bottomed items are being kept on the floor, a rubber mat should be put down under them.

Caring for a marble floor in the workplace can be extremely challenging and time consuming, and it is important to get it right first time or face having to invest in a costly replacement. The best idea is to engage the services of an experienced and highly qualified professional cleaning team who have all of the latest products, equipment and training to clean marble floors effectively and efficiently so that they can stay looking great in the long term. Experienced cleaners have the know how necessary to protect your company’s flooring investment and to make sure that your workplace stays looking professional and sophisticated for many years to come.