Do You Need Commercial Cleaning Services in North Kent?

Life is a dirty business.  No matter what activity we engage in, there is some kind of waste produced or there is some kind of disturbance to the environment that will need to be set right again.  Some of the cleaning we do involves making surroundings clean and orderly so that the space is more comfortable in which to operate. Other cleaning activities are lifesaving as they are critical in prevent the buildup and spread of germs that can cause diseases.

In a commercial setting, cleaning needs are varied based on the type of business that is being operated, but one thing is clear, it is always best to best to engage the services of a professional firm with a good reputation to remove the stress, costs and waste of handling the cleaning portfolio in-house.

If your business is located in North Kent throughout the South East London area, there can only be one choice for any type of commercial cleaning- North Kent Cleaning Services.    With over 20 years of experience in the business, we offer a wide range of services to take care of all aspects of commercial cleaning. 

Office Cleaning

We offer services to take care of every single need that your business could possibly have when it comes to cleaning the office and we are flexible in our arrangements in that you can engage us on an as needed basis for one off jobs, or you can choose to contract us for periodic cleaning on a schedule that suits your needs, for example, daily, weekly, fortnightly or any other interval that works for your business.  Some of the services offered for the office include:

  • General office cleaning
  • Building Maintenance
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning – all surface types
  • Pre tenancy and vacating office cleaning
  • Deep office cleans
  • Window cleaning

Commercial Services

Different from offices, commercial establishments tend to see a very high volume of persons moving though the space whether as customers, students or high staff volume.  These businesses require slightly different approaches based on their operations, but North Kent Cleaning Services will be able to assess, recommend and provide the cleansing solutions and regimen that suits your business.  For example we are well known in the areas in which we operate for the services that we provide to schools such as

  • daily school cleaning,
  • holiday deep cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning,
  • litter picking,
  • hard floor maintenance,
  • infection control,
  • graffiti and chewing gum removal.
  • post construction cleaning

While some of these services may be specific to a school environment, you can see that we are able to provide any kind of service as it relates to cleaning and maintenance, and therefore, whatever your business throws at us, we will be able to handle it. 

Here at North Kent Cleaning Services, we are not limited to commercial cleaning activities, but also provide industrial cleaning services as well.   We are able to provide support to factories and other large industrial settings like warehouses by providing the following services:

  • Internal fascia and fabrications
  • External fascia and fabrications
  • Manufacturing, warehouse & process cleaning.
  • High-level or overhead cleaning tasks including warehousing or production facility structures.
  • Periodic factory cleans
  • Kitchen deep-cleaning specialists

Please visit our website where you will see all of what we have to offer.

North Kent Cleaning Services will provide your every cleaning need for any kind of business in any kind of industry – guaranteed.  We would love to help to make your business run more smoothly.  Please contact us at or 01634 271 173 so that we can discuss how best we can serve you.