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North Kent Cleaning Services prides itself on offering Environmentally Conscious Cleaning

Sure, across England, new cleaning companies seem to spring up each day. But how many of them actually care about the environment, striving hard to ensure environmentally conscious cleaning?

This remains a grey area of sorts and that is the reason at North Kent Cleaning Services we have taken enormous effort to ensure that when it comes to not only our cleaning services, but also our entire operations as a whole, there is environmental consciousness built right in.

In this article we go on to substantiate this assertion across various fronts.

Continuous striving for improvement in environmental performance

Those familiar with management philosophy would very likely have heard the Japanese concept of Kaizen, i.e. continuous improvement. At North Kent Cleaning Services we have come to embody this concept into our very DNA, including from the point of view of environmental consciousness. So for instance, if there is one practice that has a 95% assurance of causing no harm to the environment, we will strive very hard till we are able to attain 100% assurance on that same front.

Environmentally conscious supply chain management

Any cleaning business relies on an extensive supply chain – cleaning materials, tools, various kinds of equipment, and so on. Now, if any of these items prove to be environmentally harmful, the end result will be detrimental, no matter how conscious we may otherwise be for the environment. That is the reason; at North Kent Cleaning Services, we have taken a slew of measures to ensure that the very items we use are environmentally friendly, across the entire supply chain. So if this entails dealing with only select providers of items in our supply chain – and not others, we act accordingly.

Active communication on environmentally conscious cleaning

Aspects related to environmentally conscious cleaning keep changing or evolving with the passage of time; standards that were considered excellent yesterday may not be so tomorrow. Accordingly, at North Kent Cleaning Services, we have made it a rule of thumb to ensure that we constantly communicate about environmentally conscious cleaning. To give you an example, when more environmentally friendly detergents emerged in the market, we immediately communicated about the same to all personnel within the company so that they made the switch to those detergents without any delay. There are many other such instances.

Slew of industry recognitions and certifications

North Kent Cleaning Services has received industry recognition – with accompanying certification, on a number of different fronts. For instance, it is a part of Medway Fair Traders Scheme which confirms its commitment to clean and fair business practices; in this particular instance, it is in fact also a pointer towards literally “clean” business practices!

Further, its staff is trained in COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) which is again a pointer towards the emphasis that North Kent Cleaning Services places on ensuring a safe work ambiance all round, including from an environmental standpoint.


Environmentally conscious cleaning – as mentioned right at the outset, is ingrained within us. That is the primary reason we remain one of the very few cleaning companies in Kent and Midway to have received ISO 14001 accreditation.

This is an accreditation that we are particularly very proud of. After all, we know that it takes a lot to receive such recognition – requiring consistent effort to keep the accreditation relevant.

In that spirit, if you are on the lookout for a cleaning services company in or around Kent that is as committed to the environment as we are, feel free to call on 01634 271 173 or send an email to