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How Office Cleaning Can Improve Workplace Productivity

There are many factors that can have a positive impact on productivity levels at the workplace.

Many employers focus on making sure that the necessary resources are readily available, they put systems in place that help employees understand individual and company goals, and the effort that is needed from them to attain these goals, and they also pay attention to issues like employee oral and engagement to make sure that their workforce will give of their best while on the job.

However, when speaking about productivity, many people fail to mention or acknowledge that a clean office or working environment can have a huge impact on productivity.

How so? Let’s take a look.

The Employer’s Image

If the office is always dirty and grimy or cluttered it sends a message to your staff (and your customer’s as well) that you are not particularly concerned with quality and precision and therefore, they may act accordingly and produce work that is below par.

Your business should always project the image that it wants its employees to also display and having a clean office is a basic requirement.

Fewer Job Related Illnesses

Most employees spend at least a third of their day in the workplace.

If the office is clean and well maintained, there will be fewer instances of job related illnesses and the resulting time off from work. Simple things like a dirty carpet or a poorly maintained ventilation systems can cause serious health issues for some, and for others, it provides an unpleasant environment which is distracting and eventually lowers productivity as employees are not fully focused on the job at hand.

Improved Workflow

If the office space is cluttered it’s likely that employees have difficulty in quickly locating the tools for the job. For example, if a file needs to be retrieved or a rarely used form needs to be produced for a customer, if staff has to wade through a congested work-space, it adds several minutes or possibly hours to tasks that should be completed in a short amount of time, thus affecting overall productivity levels

Clean and Regularly Maintained Equipment Improves Productivity

Many of us who have worked in offices have at one time or other encountered a chronically malfunctioning piece of office equipment.

Nothing can be more annoying than trying to use a photocopier and having to spend several minutes clearing paper jams and all types of random problems. Employers should ensure that all equipment is clean and regularly maintained or serviced so that they perform at optimal levels and not turn your employees into service technicians just because they need to get their work done, which ultimately wastes the Company’s time.

Clean Spaces Boosts Morale

When your employees arrive at work and the office is spotless and everything is in place, they are more likely to want to jump right in and start working. Clean desks, uncluttered shared spaces and fresh air will put them in the right mood and let them feel good about working in the space and therefore, they will do good work. The opposite kind of environment as we have already seen, will be uninviting and distracting, causing the employees to lose focus on the job at hand.

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