Office Cleaning Tips for the Holiday Season

Aaah! The holidays are finally here.  For many people, the holiday season means spending quality time with family and friends.  And at the office, it’s a time when there may be social activities as many businesses host their clients at the office in one form of social event and if there is an office party, it is sometimes held in house. It’s also a time of increased business for lots of firms because the holidays are close to the end of the year and customers or clients may wrapping up their business activities for the current year as the new one approaches.

Whatever the reason, your business is sure to see an uptick in activities and therefore you must prepare for the season so that all who come into contact with your establishment will have a pleasant experience. Here are a few tips to get your surroundings into top shape.

Do an In Depth Cleaning

The holidays are all about the office looking its sparkly best with all of the decoration and enhancements that will be used.  This will not be possible to pull off if the office is dirty or grimy so make sure to start the season with an in depth cleaning.  All windows should be cleaned as well as any drapes or blinds.  The ceiling and overhead surfaces are  often overlooked, but these areas may come into focus if Christmas trees are a part of the holiday décor, and so the eye will be  drawn to higher areas than usual,  and if these areas are dusty, it will be noticed during this time, to ensure that they are clean. 

Pay Special Attention to Breakrooms and other Food Prep Areas

There is no doubt that these areas will see increased traffic and it is critical that they be kept spotless.  Breakrooms are a hotbed of germs under normal circumstances and with the extra food and drink associated with the holidays, special attention must be paid to these areas to ensure that they are sanitized and cleaned very often.  The last thing that you will want to have happen is a food bourne illness to break out in the office.

Communicate Your Needs Early

There is no doubt that you will be calling on your commercial cleaning service more often during the holiday season.  In order for them to serve you best, let them know what your needs are likely to be for the season.  For example, will you be having an office party?  If so, you may require them to do an in depth cleaning prior to the party and then a post event clean up. Informing you contractors about your changing needs during the holidays will ensure that your surroundings are kept to a high cleanliness standard throughout.

At North Kent, we want you to focus on the joy of the holidays and not the possible pitfalls associated with not making the proper preparations.  Please contact us at or 01634 271 173 so that we can make keep your surroundings holiday ready!

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