Office Feng Shui Tips
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Office Feng Shui Tips

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice where the energy of objects and the environment is thoughtfully directed and used to benefit humans. The term feng shui can loosely be translated as “The art of placement” and many people in the western world have begun to practice feng shui in some form so that they can experience its benefits. As it relates to an office or workspace, practicing feng shui can have very positive impacts on employees, overall productivity and the success of the business. Try the feng shui office tips below and see how your business can improve as a result!

Tip 1 – Declutter

Having a clutter free space is one of the fundamentals of Feng Shui. Clutter does not allow the energy or ‘chi’ to move freely in a space and this can seriously hinder the productivity of an office both physically and spiritually. Clearing your office space, including files, walkways, cubicles and desks will free up space for energy to move freely and will in turn result in an environment that is more conducive to getting things done. Employees will also be more inspired and focused on their tasks. A clutter free work environment also has the added benefit of being more visually appealing.

Tip 2 – Add Plants

Adding plants is a great way to improve the quality of air that is circulating in your office space. You will ideally want to add plants that are attractive, not too big and that will compliment the decor of the space. The plants in your office should also be air-purifying plants like Bamboo Palm or English Ivy. It is not too difficult to see how breathing in revitalizing, fresh air can help improve employee’s productivity vs breathing in toxic or stale air. Plants will also add ‘live energy’ to the space and this is very good from a feng shui perspective as well.

Tip 3 – Clean

Another rule that is a must if you are to practice proper feng shui is that your office must be clean. Dust and dirt, even if they are unseen by the naked eye, can have devastating effects on the energy in your office space. For this reason it is very important that the office be cleaned regularly and that it is properly cleaned each time. Most people can actually feel the difference when a space has been thoroughly cleaned. A clean environment will tend to feel lighter and this will promote good feelings in your employees and well as customers. For the best cleaning you should hire the services of an qualified and experienced commercial cleaning company to do the job right.

There is a reason why feng shui is popular and continues to be used in homes and offices alike – it works! Practicing feng shui will, at the very least, create a more balanced and harmonious work environment. For more information on how to clean your office to a feng shui standard, please feel free to contact us at 01634 271 173 or by email