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How Often Should You Have Your Office Professionally Cleaned?

For most of us, especially those with a full-time job, our work environment is like a second home to us.

We spend a vast amount of our days there, we eat, we engage, we entertain our customers there. It is an environment that craves a clear mind and our most productive self.

Most of us would agree that a clean environment facilities clearer thinking which in return leads to a more productive working environment. Yet the question still stands, how often should we have our offices professionally cleaned?

Improve Your Business Environment

The professional cleaning service that your business is affiliated with should be as unique and as in demand as your business is. They should ideally take into consideration the nature of your business and the level of waste produced by your business on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, the location of your business as well as the amount of traffic your business will entertain.

Keeping in mind that your business environment is the first thing your customers will see and it will leave a lasting impression in their minds as they are facilitated in your business place. Professionalism can be identified in many ways one of which is the environment in which you operate.

Clean Regularly

Waste is a natural part of our everyday lives, where ever we have people and productivity some form of waste will be present also. While some offices may get away with two thorough cleans for the year and light cleaning for the other months, there are those who will need professional cleaning services every week if not every day.

Depending on the size of the office space, the level of traffic as well as other factors to consider like your location. Is your business located somewhere that is sandy or where it rains a lot? Or is there no high traffic in your office building at all.

We also need to be a bit more specific when exploring this topic, as there are areas of your business place that will need more attention than others such as your lunch rooms, customer waiting areas, your lobbies and parking spaces just to name a few. We can consider them to really understand how often should your professionally clean your office.

Clean Space Improve Motivation

No matter the nature of business conducted in your office, there are guidelines that can accommodate for all business types.

Certain areas in your business place will always have to be treated delicately, spaces such as eating and assembly areas and areas in which customers will be entertained or have direct contract with you or members of your staff. 

  • Spaces such as the employees’ bathroom and lunch area must be cleaned daily not only for purely sanitary reasons, but also for the mental and moral wellbeing of your staff. These are areas that persons go to unwind and refresh before jumping back into work. The utmost care should be given when dealing with these areas.
  • Your entranceway, lobby and your car park are the places your customers will interact with first. These areas should be properly kept always so customers can identify one of the culture of your business place to be cleanliness. Your floors should also be a major area of concern. 
  • You’re working equipment such as computers, printer, desktops and immediate working environment should be clean and free from dust and smelly aroma at all times. It should also be sanitized daily to minimise the spread of bacteria and illness especially in the cold and flu season.

When speaking of how often to professionally clean an office we must also take into consideration not only the high traffic areas or those important areas listed but also the amount of time that cleaning the office would accommodate.

Office cleaning can be time consuming especially if there are only a limited number of persons participating in the cleaning process. Commercial cleaners are a convenient and cost effective way for you to save time from office cleaning and refocus that time in other areas that your business may need attention.

Clean and Healthy Environment

Any transaction with your business and its customers must be conducted in a clean and healthy environment. How often should your office should professionally cleaned will depend on you and the specific needs of your business. There are however key areas of focus that must not be ignored if the reputation and character of your business is to be maintained.

One cannot over emphasize the importance of visual attraction in the eyes of your customers. The environment you welcome them into alone should be enough to leave a lasting impression in their minds about your company and staff, as a messy and uninviting environment does not only reflect poorly on your business and the owners and operators, but also the people that work in that environment.

Time consumption may also be an element of concern, this is where a professional cleaning service may just save the day.

A professional cleaning service will have the proper tools and gear to tackle the smallest to the greatest of mess. Have your professional cleaning service come in and do light clean daily if you can pay special attention to the areas discussed above, if you cannot afford to do it daily, weekly would be a good start. 

North Kent Cleaning Services offers a hassle free, safe and clean working environment.  Please contact us at or 01634 271 173 so that we can keep your surroundings spotless!