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Is Poor Hygiene Affecting Your Retail Performance?

If you’re running a retail store, attracting customers is half of the battle, but persuading them to return in the future is the real key to financial success.

However, if your shop isn’t up to standard when it comes to hygiene, you could be putting your customers off and reducing your revenue.

It has been demonstrated in surveys and research that has been carried out that customers put particular emphasis on the appearance of stores when deciding whether they should shop there or not, and part of creating a positive customer service doesn’t just depend on great customer service, it relies heavily on a clean and attractive environment too.

99% Of Customers Say Poor Hygiene Negatively Affects Their Opinion Of A Store

A survey carried out by Harris Interactive, a market research company, discovered that an amazing 99% of shoppers said that poor standards of hygiene would have a negative impact on their opinion of a shop, and bad odours and unclean toilet facilities were highlighted as particular turn-offs that would deter them from returning.

Improving Hygiene On The Shop Floor

When it comes to persuading customers to return to your retail store, making the shop floor look neat and tidy is the first step.

Cleaning up any spills or any mess which is on the floor will go a long way towards making consumers feel satisfied that they are shopping in a healthy and hygienic environment.

Bathroom Cleanliness Is Paramount

When a shop offers toilet facilities for its customers use, it is paramount that they are spotless at all times.

Putting in place a rota for checking toilets and making sure that they are clean and functioning properly is essential for customer satisfaction. Since 18% of people refuse to return to premises that they believe to be sub-par on the hygiene front and 88% of people reorted that clean toilet facilities are a key factor when choosing where to shop, it’s vital to adhere to a strict cleaning schedule to keep everything up to scratch.

Employee Hygiene Standards Also Under Scrutiny

Personal hygiene standards of staff are also under scrutiny, with 79% of people saying that if they won’t buy anything in a store where staff appear to have poor hygiene levels. Reminding staff to keep themselves clean and tidy and to wash their hands on a regular basis is essential so that customers won’t be deterred and will be happy to spend money on your goods.

It’s clear to see that failing to keep any retail store clean can have a clear impact on revenue, and shop owners who don’t keep on top of hygiene standards on their premises will almost inevitably end up missing out on trade.

You can make sure that your shop looks flawless every day when you use a professional cleaning service. You can depend on our skilled team to keep hygiene standards in your store at the highest possible level so you can maximise your revenue.

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