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For professional deep cleaning services that are designed specifically to deal with infection outbreaks such as COVID-19, North Kent Cleaning Services has you covered. As a locally-based company with years of experience in the field of clinical deep cleaning for medical facilities in the area, we are ideally qualified to provide commercial deep cleaning services to businesses in Folkestone that wish to ensure their workforce is as safe as possible at all times. Having your offices deep cleaned on a regular basis by our team of infection control specialists is the best way to minimise the chances of dangerous pathogens causing an outbreak in your place of work. We have been providing such services to hospitals and surgeries for many years and are now pleased to be able to offer the same standard of deep cleaning to our commercial customers in and around the town.

Highly Effective, Affordable Deep Cleaning Services in Folkestone

Our deep cleaning services may be among the best in the country but our prices are surprisingly affordable. If you would like to find out just how little it will cost to have your offices deep cleaned by our team of infection control experts, please feel free to contact us at any time. Our services include the cleaning of all high-touch surfaces in your workplace with virucidal and bactericidal detergents, the cleaning of upholstery and carpeting with hot water extraction machines and biocides, as well as the sanitising of all other surfaces in your property.

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It is understandable that many businesses are unsure what measures they should be taking to prevent the spread of serious communicable diseases in the current environment, which is why we are always happy to provide objective, professional advice. If you feel that you should be taking steps to protect your employees but you are not sure which areas of your workplace need to be deep cleaned immediately and which can safely be left until later, we can help. After surveying your premises, we can prepare a quotation that covers the deep cleaning services in Folkestone we feel will genuinely benefit your company.

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