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Specialised Medical Cleaning at North Kent Cleaning Services

When it comes to medical cleaning, the requirements are particularly stringent with absolutely no leeway whatsoever under most circumstances. That is where North Kent Cleaning Services manages to make a particularly strong difference as far as cleaning standards in this industry are concerned, ensuring that there is absolutely no margin for error at all.

In this article, let us look at some of the compelling factors behind North Kent Cleaning Services being in a league of its own as far as medical cleaning is concerned.

Consistently fulfilling CQC standards

The CQC or Care Quality Commission is known to be very stringent when it comes to cleaning standards at healthcare establishments in the UK; one slip-up and there is every possibility that the whole facility faces a prospective shutdown. Under such circumstances, the responsibility of the cleaning entity is obviously huge. That is where North Kent Cleaning Services really manages to make its mark, ensuring that all healthcare facilities get the kind of “deep cleaning” that is expected from them.

Specialised cleaning based on years of experience

When it comes to medical cleaning, sub-niches within the medical industry have their own set of unique cleaning needs. A veterinarian practice for instance would have a different set of cleaning requirements as opposed to say a dental clinic. With North Kent Cleaning Services, a big advantage is the enormous amount of experience that it has had in providing specialised cleaning services to all such facilities. That way, every cleaning need can be met with finesse, no matter how unique it may be.

Deep cleaning not always obvious to the naked eye

Dedicated professionals at North Kent Cleaning Services ensure that they go beyond the dirt or filth, which is visible to the naked eye, to deep cleaning that ensures thorough cleaning well afar from that which is merely noticeable. Instances would include rugs that need to be deep cleaned as well as carpets. There is essentially an entire range of upholstery in the medical industry which especially mandates deep cleaning, keeping in mind strict regulations from the CQC as well as standards set by the NHS.

Powerful yet safe cleaning materials

Of course the medical industry requires powerful cleaning to ensure that medical facilities are cleaned as thoroughly as they are expected to be. At the same time, this kind of thorough cleaning should not come at the cost of those using the facilities, especially patients who may already be weak and susceptible to illnesses. At North Kent Cleaning Services we have made special efforts to ensure that all our cleaning materials are powerful yet 100% safe with ZERO levels of toxicity. So in the unlikely event of an exposure to these cleaning materials, there is no harm expected to be caused.

Offloading cleaning requirements of medical services

A major advantage with North Kent Cleaning Services is that we offload cleaning requirements of medical facilities; they are expected to provide medical facilities and not necessarily cleaning services, on their own. That is where we come into the picture to ensure that medical facilities focus on the services they have established themselves to provide, while we take care of all their cleaning requirements.


North Kent Cleaning Services serves a wide area spanning across Medway, Maidstone, Dartford, Sittingbourne, Gravesend, and beyond. At all these places it provides unblemished specialised medical cleaning services.

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