Spotless Floors - A Pathway to Good Customer Service
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Spotless Floors – A Pathway to Good Customer Service

A lot of time and energy is put into keeping the workplace clean, after all, it is a reflection of the values that are important to your organization, and your customers and employees opinions will be sharped in part by how well your surroundings are kept.

While most surfaces and finishes receive their rightful attention when it comes to keeping them spotlessly clean, one area which is cleaned, but sometimes does not receive the kind of attention that it should is the floors.

Maintaining Floors

Sometimes you will enter a room and all looks well, everything is clean and the room is well appointed, but somehow, something seems missing.

Chances are if you glance downwards, you will realize that it is the floor that is not looking as good as it should, thereby detracting from the overall look of the room.

A brilliant shine coming from the floor or an impeccable carpet or other type of floor surface will instantly lift any room and is critical for making the entire space look its best.  Floors should never be allowed to get dingy, or dirt allowed set in, like in areas between tiles, or stains in the carpets. They should always be maintained in a way that will ensure that their original finish is kept for as long as possible. Care should also be taken to inspect floors for damage on a regular basis, and any area in need of attention repaired at once. This is important to keep damage from spreading and potentially ruining the entire floor and importantly, it can prevent injuries caused by slips and falls.

Choose the Right Flooring

In many business environments, the choice of flooring is simply a matter of the taste of the interior designer or the business owner. This is because the area is one which is easy to work with, in that there are no special considerations regarding the area so most flooring types will do. In many other cases however, the type of flooring chosen needs to be reflective of the type of business that you are in and the kind of traffic in the area.

For instance, if your business is into maintenance of equipment and technicians need to visit the office from time to time, a carpeted floor would not be a good choice as there might be grease and other agents that can easily stain carpets. Similarly, if you are operating a medical facility or a restaurant, vinyl and rubber flooring instead of a wooden floor would be more appropriate choices.

For high traffic areas, like banks, schools and government offices serving the public, surfaces such as granite or marble floors would be able to withstand the wear with minimal damage to the floor surface.

Choosing the appropriate flooring makes them last longer, easier to maintain and easier to keep clean. A good cleaning contractor will be versed in the correct solvents and equipment to keep your floors looking like the day you had it installed. Be sure to do your research and choose a firm that has a track record of keeping floors in top condition by using the correct cleaning techniques.   An inexperienced or poor contractor can cause permanent damage to your floors by using the wrong cleaning methods.

At North Kent Cleaning Services, we are here to make sure that you put the right foot forward. We would be happy to discuss this and all of your cleaning needs with you. Please contact us at or 01634 271 173  so we can assist you in not only keeping the business clean but making it sparkle.