Spring cleaning advice for offices
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Spring cleaning advice for offices

One of the greatest problems encountered when working at your workspace is keeping things in order.

Productivity is usually affected the most when you have to waste time and energy in searching and filtering through files on a scattered desk.

Asides this, a scattered desk is not an ideal working style. Some ways to keep your work area in order include;

Discard Old Papers
When you go through a lot of files stacked on your desk, you will likely discover that most of these files are of no importance. You should come up with a method of arranging your files. This method must provide an easier way to put files in order and should also take into consideration the need to arrange future documents. Another way to prevent excess files is to be sure a file is really needed before you print out a hardcopy of the file.

Clean all surfaces

You should ensure you clean your desks, chairs and other furniture using a disinfectant with a cloth. Your printer, computer screens and other electronics should also be cleaned. You should take note that your keyboard and mouse are likely to have been exposed to more germs through touch. You should make sure they are properly cleaned to prevent infections.

Identify your items based on use

Items which you require to carry out your daily routines should be the ones to occupy the space on your desk. These items can include your laptop, sticky notes and pens. Items which have specialised uses should be kept in your drawer where they can be easily accessed when needed. Examples of these items are envelopes, staplers, stamps, etc.

De-clutter your desktop background

Having a computer desktop background occupied with too many icons makes it more difficult to find documents when you need them the most. You should ensure you delete documents and files you are sure you will no longer need and also empty your recycle bin. You can then arrange important files and shortcuts for easy access.

Put your junk drawer in order

Sometimes, we make use of one or more of our drawers to store items when we are not very sure of what to do with them. These drawers can get filled up on time. You should take the time to decide on what items are of importance and those that need to be discarded. Any item that you decide is still of importance should be properly arranged.

Organise cords

Another important aspect to pay attention to is the cords connecting electronic devices. You should ensure that you arrange these cords. You can make use of clips to hold the wires together.

Your email is not a to-do list

Ensure you avoid making use of your email as a to-do list. The email should be used as a means to effectively communicate and not as a reminder of your tasks for the day.

Make use of baskets

Baskets are especially useful because they can be kept under your desk without causing clutter. If you have materials, books or magazines which are not exactly office related, you can make use of a basket to store them. This prevents them from occupying a lot of space on your desk.

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