Summer is Almost Here-Is Your Business Ready?
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Summer is Almost Here…Is Your Business Ready?

We all look forward to summer. Sometimes we have them in England… The warm temperatures means that lots more time is spent outdoors. Picnics, sporting activities, fairs markets music festivals; you name it, we all try to find some summer activity to enjoy. At the same time, many businesses can expect a lot more traffic as customers make use of the summer weather by being out and about.

While smart business owners will capitalise on the season by finding ways to drive traffic to their business places, they must ask themselves “Are we ready?”. Are we ready for the scrutiny of our businesses places as people have more time to observe our establishments? How are going to ensure that our customers find our space appealing?

Business establishments should undergo a summer cleaning regimen just prior to the start of the season and then make sure that the standard is maintained throughout.


During the summer it’s inevitable that more dirt, mud and grime get inside. Whether you have carpet, wood or tile floors, all should be thoroughly cleaned. Carpets should be deep cleaned to remove allergens and stains. Special cleaning and conditioning agents should be used on wood and tile floors to give them a lasting shine and protect them from nicks, chips and scratches.

Work Surfaces

This season also brings more dust and other allergens and irritants. In addition, germs tend to multiply more quickly in heat. These two concerns may lead to more time lost because of illness of your employees. Surfaces like counter tops, desks, tables and telephones should be sanitised to remove any build up and then cleaned at regular intervals afterwards.

Waiting Areas

From time to time your customers need to wait to be attended to. Ensure that your waiting area(s) is in pristine condition as it is a reflection of the kind of service that you will provide.  As summer approaches, the chairs and sofas should be deep cleaned to remove dirt and stains. This process also provides the bonus of making your furniture look new.

Windows and Window Treatments

Bright sunlight is a feature of the summer and the increased lighting and will draw attention to your windows. Make sure that your windows are spotless as dust and the occasional summer shower can combine to make your windows look grimy and dull.   The same goes your blinds or drapes which most likely will be more heavily used as protection from the rays of the sun. It is recommended that the blinds be wiped and the drapes be professionally cleaned.

Your business should be prepared for the changing cleaning needs this summer season; they need to “Get Clean and Keep Clean!” which will provide a pleasant environment for both your employees and your customers.

While some businesses may attempt to take on these cleaning activities themselves, it is highly recommended that the services of a professional cleaning company be engaged.  For your commercial cleaning needs, please contact North Kent Cleaning Services at or 01634 271 173.