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Tips For Cleaning Your Office After A Renovation

If your office has recently been renovated, getting everything back to normal is paramount for productivity and for the well-being of staff. The problem is that this involves getting rid of the odor of paint, getting everything tidied up and ensuring business as normal in as short a space of time as possible.

Here are some top tips to restoring your office’s clean and tidy appearance following a renovation.

Make Decluttering A Priority

When your office is going through a renovation, it’s time to clear out all that clutter and rubbish that nobody needs any more.

From old rubbish at the back of drawers to ancient files that can be shredded, it’s time to organize that paperwork, throw away any trash and get everything in order for the renovation.

If in doubt, throw it out!

Don’t Miss Anything

Office renovations produce lots of grime and dust, and cleaning up afterwards can be trickier than you imagine.

For weeks afterwards, you’ll be finding dust all over your fans, vents and keyboards, so take the time to go over all electronic items with a soft rag dipped in a little disinfectant and dust all surfaces thoroughly to make sure that all residue from the renovation has been removed.

Buy Air Freshener

While an office renovation will leave your office space looking beautiful, it may not leave it smelling beautiful.

Paint, chemicals and other lingering odours can be difficult to get rid of and can be very unpleasant to work in, especially for those who are highly sensitive.

Open as many windows as possible and bring in air fresheners in the form of reed diffusers and sprays to make a big difference to the quality of air.

Vacuum The Carpets

Any renovation will have led to the carpets looking less than clean. Muddy and grimy footprints, a layer of dust and marks from dragging furniture across them means that getting the vacuum cleaner out couldn’t be more important.

For any bad spots and stains such as paint, you may need to use a strong carpet cleaner or even arrange for a professional carpet cleaner to come in and give the place a once over.

Disinfect Bathrooms

Your office bathrooms can be unhygienic places at the best of times, however if decorators, construction workers and other contractors have been tramping in and out, your bathrooms could benefit from a floor to ceiling clean and plenty of disinfectant to get them back in sparkling order.

Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

After an office renovation, getting productivity back up to scratch is often the top priority of any company, so devoting valuable staff time to cleaning and tidying up the office is often not practical or even possible.

Arranging for professional office cleaners to come in to get your office back to pre-renovation standards of cleanliness is often the best way forward. Dedicated cleaning professionals can achieve the best possible results so your office is ready to impress its visitors and staff once more.