Tips To Keep Your Office Clean After A Major Cleaning

Tips To Keep Your Office Clean After A Major Cleaning

Once you have had your office space professionally cleaned, you may think you’ll never have to worry again! Well as great as it would be if that were true, we do not live in a world with magic cleaners and while getting your workspace professionally cleaned once will put you on the right path for working in a clean environment. It is down to you to stay on top of it and make sure no grime, mess, and untidiness comes back.

Here are a few tips, ideas, and suggestions that you can use to make sure your office stays as clean as possible after a major cleaning!

Keep On Top Of It

See how nice, tidy and awesome your workspace looks? Well in order for this to happen, you need to keep on top of it. This means not leaving papers all over the place, empty coffee cups, old wrappers from chocolate bars and so on. Saying, “I will just tidy up tomorrow” is a really bad habit to get into. If you get into the habit of cleaning up as you go, you will not have a messy workspace at the end of the month.

Have A Proper Eating Area

Look, we know that eating at your desk is a very nice time saver and convenient and who doesn’t love munching on a can of Pringles as you work? But food and drink is the fastest way to gunk up a workspace. Not only this food can go bad, smell and attract all kinds of things you do not even want to think about! So you employees have a think about not eating at your desk and you employers think about maybe not allowing people to eat messy food at their workstations.

Empty The Rubbish Bin

Every office has that one guy (or girl) that has a bin that has so much junk sticking out of it that you are worried it is going to explode like a volcano and throw garbage all over the office. Make it a rule to not let your rubbish pile up to epic proportions and empty your bin can every couple of days.

Set The Rules

We know that it can be hard to just create new clean office rules. But once you have had your office professionally cleaned, you then can come in and say “ok so now the office is clean, let’s keep it that way, these are the new rules” you do not have to crack the whip. Just let people know what the rules are and that they are there to help keep the office a cleaner place to work for everyone. Most people you will find will get on board as no one wants to work in a place that is overrun with garbage!

We hope these simple tips help you out and want to remind you that cleaning as you go and just taking five minutes once a week to tidy up a little bit can go a long way after you have had the office cleaned properly.

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