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Top Benefits of a Clean Work Place

Maintaining a clean work environment is beneficial not just to your employees but to all of your business’ interested parties, which include your clients and customers. Additionally, a clean work environment encompasses more than just “tidy” restrooms. Here are 5 benefits of having a work place that is truly clean.

Healthy Employees

Shared spaces increase the risk of spreading communicable diseases like the common cold. When employees use office equipment like the printer, kitchen/canteen appliances and even their personal desks and computers, they have to be cognizant of the fact that they are essentially a breeding ground for germs and diseases. “Sanitizing’’ these areas is not enough, they must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This will ensure that employees don’t get sick too often, resulting in loss of productivity and bottom line, money. Healthy employees are not your only concern as a business owner, ensuring the safety of your clients and customers when they come into your facilities is just as crucial. Ensuring their safety is important for many reasons, including eliminating the risk of being slapped with a lawsuit.

Better Air Quality

Sweeping and emptying bins are not enough to maintain a clean work environment. It is necessary to keep dust and dirt to a minimum to ensure that the quality of the air is good. Improved air quality will ensure that persons with allergies are not adversely affected. Routine wiping of windows and in fact all surface areas, will ensure that you keep dirt and dust to a minimum. Using the right cleaning products are also important as some contain dangerous chemicals like boric acid.

Increased Work Place Productivity

The National Association of Professional Organizations conducted a research which showed that the average employees loses about 4.3 hours every week looking for misplaced documents in paper clutter. In order to combat such time wasting, encouraging your employees to manage paper clutter so that it does affect productivity is important. Proper filing systems should be in place as well as the provision of adequate bins. Bins should be in close reach and emptied regularly. When things can be retrieved easily, employee can remain focus on their work, which helps to reduce the stress levels in the environment.

Improved Company Image

Having a clean work place communicates to your employees and customers that you place high value on the business and high value on hygiene and wellness in general. If your work place is not clean and in disarray, it will come across as lack of pride and in some eyes, even lack of respect. Certainly, your employees will feel disrespected if you do not create a clean environment that is conducive to productivity and success. Maintaining a clean business place is also one of the greatest marketing tools to attract new customers. As they say, first impressions last; if the first time customers come to your business and its clean and hygienic, they will look forward to returning.

Keeping a clean business place does not have to seem like a mammoth task. If you want to take the hassle out of cleaning, then contact North Kent Cleaning to learn more about our professional cleaning services.