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Top Expert Cleaning Tips Only Professional Cleaners Know

There are certain tricks and trades that only professional cleaners know. Below we share some of the most important ones that you can use when carrying out the sanitation of your business.

Always have a plan

When cleaning, it is best to take account of the environment. After doing such, you can head straight to the target areas-those with the highest traffic or most susceptible to germ and bacteria breeding i.e. waiting areas/lobbies, bathrooms, kitchens etc.

Organising your sanitation improves your ability to clean effectively and move to the next point expeditiously.

Patience is Key

The most valuable tool in your cleaning arsenal is patience.

Never rush any job.

Take your time and the results will always speak for themselves. Any cleaning done well once does not need to be revisited for too many touch ups.

Make yourself at home

With organising for the job, professional cleaners always consult with the client about what they want explicitly done.

Before meeting those objectives, they familiarise themselves with the space. Good professional cleaners always put things back to where they were once they have finished finished.

As an extra—if the company provides advanced cleaning services—they often recommend how best to maintain the cleanliness before the next scheduled cleaning.

The Basics are The Basics for a Reason!

Always tidy and dust everywhere possible; from the waiting room magazines to the handles of water coolers and the walls. Always dust from top to bottom so you never clean the same place twice.

Wipe down the electronics, they’re a breeding ground for germs and bacteria especially the most shared/used ones like phones, keyboards and copiers. Always use cleaners with low perfume content in the fridges and food storage devices to avoid lingering strong scents. Finally, always try to leave sanitizers around the office.

Walls and Floors are very needy siblings

Depending on the traffic, most walls and floors need very gentle cleaners, and only with major stains/spills/accidents do they need extra work.

Cleaning the visible dirt build-up over time lengthens the life of wallpaper and paint. Cleaning carpets needs patience, since it collects most of the harmful bacteria and dirt. Carpets need deep vacuum cleaning.

Bathrooms need attention from all angles

Cleaning bathrooms are pretty high on any cleaner’s list; however, it is essential to always approach your restrooms from different angles ever so often.

Traffic changes as well as changes in the seasons makes it important to always  improve the hygiene of the second most vulnerable space in a building.

Know your products and their scents!

When cleaning with products, be it traditional or green; know the specifications of when and how to use it effectively.

Always be aware of the surfaces they’re being applied to and the ph. content. Additionally, deodorizing is a key; ensure that lingering and pungent odours meet their match. However, be mindful that overbearing fragrances can be just as harmful to clients and customers.

If cleaning your business spaces has become a challenge, reach out to North Kent. We’ll simplify things with our high quality cleaning service.