Why professional cleaners make the workplace less stressful
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Why professional cleaners make the workplace less stressful

An unsanitary and disorganized workplace can have many negative effects on staff.


It can result in a drop in staff morale, making them less excited to show up to work (who could really blame them?).


Maintaining a clean workplace does more than ensuring the place is free of debris and germs. There is concrete evidence that suggests that a disorderly work space diminishes focus and leads to loss of productivity.


Luckily, a professional cleaning service can step in and create a lasting impact that will boast the emotional and professional well-being of your staff by alleviating these problems.


Uncleanliness & Stress


Clutter on the desk makes misplacing documents a common and frustrating problem in the office. It can create high stress especially if the misplaced document can lead to the slowing down of a process or create lack of confidence and mistrust if a client or the boss needs to view said document immediately.


Professional cleaners see to it that dust bins are taken out when they need to so that workers can toss out paper garbage instead of storing them on their desks. Routine wiping and sanitizing of work desks will also ensure that food waste does not get onto office documents, which can range from unsightly to destructive. Taking a memo with a huge stain on it to a meeting will make you look untidy and unprofessional.



Employees & Cleaning

If your regular staff currently does the cleaning of your business, you could inadvertently be raising their stress levels.


Contrary to what many business owners believe, making your staff who were not contracted for the primary purpose of cleaning do so, can have more negative consequences than positive.


For one, employees just do not want to have to clean dirty restrooms or take out the trash. That is not what they signed for when they were being interviewed for their role or what they want to spend their days at work doing.


Such a situation can lead to employees resenting management and can cause conflict among themselves. If employees are using a duty rooster to clean, there may be problems with some persons not taking responsibility in carrying out the tasks assigned to them. It would then mean that some employees are doing more than others, which can lead to a conflict-ridden work place that’s highly stressful.




Cleanliness & Employee Happiness


Clean offices make employees happy, healthy, focused, creative and of course, more productive! With fewer distractions and breaks needed to search for misplaced items because of clutter, your employees focus will be on the task at hand.


When the environment they are sitting in and eating in is clean and hygienic, with no disgusting odors or pollutants circulating in the air, your employees are less likely to contract communicable diseases and miss work; they are more likely to be comfortable.


Contact North Kent Cleaning; we can help turn your staff into the happy, productive employees you want them to be by creating a clean environment that’s conducive to their success!