Widespread Societal Impact of School and College Cleaning Services
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Widespread Societal Impact of School and College Cleaning Services

The school and college cleaning services that we proudly offer at North Kent Cleaning Services certainly go a long way and have a widespread impact. In this article, we look at some of the services that we offer under this realm and the difference that they make.

Offloading the responsibility of cleaning from school and college management

Without specialised cleaning services like ours, schools and colleges are under pressure to hire cleaning staff in-house, that may often not prove to be competent or capable enough. With us, they get exactly what they were hoping for, without the burden of having to hire such expertise full time.

Moreover, a wider impact of our services on these schools and colleges is in the form of greater focus on the core activities of these entities, e.g. the provision of high quality education to their students. Therefore, from a collective standpoint as well, our services are certainly making a big difference.

Complete, holistic, specialized cleaning

Our school and college cleaning services are highly specialised for this particular purpose. That is the reason you will even find chewing gum removal listed as one of our services within this realm! Further, besides the kinds of services themselves, we also lay a great deal of impetus on the way we plan and provide our services.

To give you an example, schools and colleges often have events such as Sports Days, Party Nights, etc. when the need for cleaning services is greater. At North Kent Cleaning Services, we plan our activities in such a way that on these days, we can go the extra mile and offer cleaning services beyond the usual.

Imparting children with the values of cleanliness

At North Kent Cleaning Services, we even go to the extent of imparting children with values related to cleanliness. That way, even after they are outside school or college premises, cleanliness remains a part of their overall value system. In fact, we regularly hear from these students about various initiatives they took to ensure that their neighbourhoods remained clean at all times, even educating residents on ways and means to keep the area spotlessly clean.

Clearly, we are giving back to society a sense of consciousness towards cleanliness that is likely to go beyond generations.

Highly trained, professional staff

Across all of the aspects listed above, the importance of highly trained, professional staff cannot be side-lined. After all, they are the ones who do their jobs with due diligence, day in and day out, without any qualms.

Take for example, washroom hygiene which takes on greater impetus in the case of schools and colleges. In this regard, our staff takes care of everything from soaps and sanitisers to timed air fresheners, matting systems, and a whole host of other janitorial supplies. Interestingly, parents have shared anecdotes on the extent to which students have themselves become very conscious about washroom hygiene, ensuring that their own washrooms at home always remain spotlessly clean.

While talking about our staff and the cleanliness values that they are inculcating in students, a noteworthy mention would be of the environmentally friendly manner in which we undertake all our cleaning activities. Whether it is recycling, using ecologically friendly cleaning items, and proper waste disposal, we leave no stone unturned to operate in an environmentally conscious manner – and then in turn pass these values to students.


Above you have noted the various ways in which North Kent school and college cleaning services are not only ensuring that these premises remain impeccably clean, but also how we are inculcating cleanliness values in children.

Thus to see such an impact on your school or college and its students, feel free to call us on 01634 271 173 or send an email to info@northkentcleaning.co.uk.