Window Cleaning Tips For Your Office
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Window Cleaning Tips For Your Office

Clean office windows is vital to the image of a business, it is part of the first impression clients get from visiting your offices. It also improves productivity, creativity and focus of the employees. Clean windows say something about your business, how you manage it and what you think of yourself and the work or services you render.

Clean your office windows at the very least twice a year – preferably Spring and Autumn. In freezing cold weather, add wind shield wiper fluid or alcohol to your water or use warm water. Just remember warm water on cold windows can cause cracking of glass. So it is a better idea to clean when it’s not so cold!

For your window-cleaning project you should have the basics ready and clean – a bucket (deep enough to rinse your equipment in), squeegee, detergent, scrubber, drying cloths, ladder or step. Use a professional brass or stainless steel squeegee, don’t settle for less. For the best streak-free results, the squeegee should be the same width as the window pane for a single swipe. If not possible, try to get a size as close as possible.

Your window cleaner should contain ammonia, vinegar and/or a liquid dishwashing detergent. It won’t cause streaks or leave a residue on the windows. Vinegar helps remove water spots and Ammonia dissolves greasy dirt. You can use cotton cloths such as old socks or t-shirts or paper towels for drying. Micro-fiber cloths also works well for the cleaning and drying. Do not use fabric softener when washing your cleaning cloths or towels, it lessens their absorbency. Pre-moisten your equipment as dry equipment will cause more streaks and leave marks on the window. Put an old towel in the window sill to catch water dripping and try not to over saturate the scrubber so you don’t have to keep 10 towels nearby.

Avoid cleaning windows in direct sunlight. Clean in the shade or on cloudy and non-windy days. If the windows dry too fast, it will cause streaks. Don’t wash all the windows with one bucket of water, change it often. Start from the top of the office building and work your way down, avoiding splashing water down on already cleaned windows. Also start cleaning each window from the top down. Lock and secure the windows to avoid accidents. If you’re using a ladder, make sure its level, not wobbly or have some parts missing.

Start your cleaning from the inside of the office. First clean the frames with a clean cloth and vacuum the screens to remove all dust. No use for dust and debris to fall on your already clean windows! Wash windows horizontal on the inside and vertical on the outside. If there are streaks, you will know which side they are on. Open and clean the outsides of the windows from the inside, it’s much easier. It is even more convenient if you have a magnetic set of cleaners. Hose the outside windows off to remove most grease and grime. Scrub outside screens and allow to air dry after rinsing them off with clean water.

A nice tip to remember is that you can use toothpaste to buff out minor window scratches.

You don’t know what you see until you see the brighter side of your windows…

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