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Winter Office Cleaning Tips

With winter in full swing you have probably noticed that the types of mess your office experiences have shifted a bit. Just like we change the type of clothes we wear when the seasons change, we also need to change the way we clean to adjust to the new season. As a result some people may not realize the way that cleaning is different in winter as compared to the summer, spring and fall. This guide will provide users with the facts they need to ensure that their office is spic and span for the winter.

Pay More Attention to Floors

One of the biggest issues with winter is all the new and messy things that come in with people and stay on the ground. Whether it’s melted snow and ice from clients rushing in from the cold or the odd stains from the de-icing agents that get put on roads and sidewalks, your floors will take a beating in the winter.

Make sure that carpets and mats in front of doors are up to the task that they are needed for. Replace worn out rugs and mats to ensure that they are doing the best job possible getting the wetness and muck off of shoes. Mop hard surfaces and schedule an extra shampooing for your carpets to ensure that you do not get any stains that build up to such an extent that they simply will not go away.

See to the Windows

Another office feature that suffers more in the winter are windows. Debris and dirt are more likely to get on windows in the winter, and far more likely to stay there. There is not as much rain to wash away such a mess, and the freezing temperatures make it more likely to cling to your windows.

Clean windows are especially important in the winter because letting more light in can help keep heating costs down. Additionally, more light dries carpets faster and cleaning the windows is an excellent opportunity to inspect them to ensure they are properly sealed and weatherproofed. This can help you save a surprising amount of money and energy on heating.

Keep Calm and Disinfect

Winter cleaning is not all about visible mess. It is important that you also consistently disinfect your office in order to prevent the spread of germs and sickness. This will not only keep your employees happy and your office clean, but also help prevent you from losing valuable hours of productivity. Pay special attention to communal areas and places that germs tend to congregate. Empty trash cans frequently and wipe down countertops, bathroom fixtures, and any common appliances with an anti-bacterial solvent to ensure that your workers stay healthy and your office stays spotless and professional

As you can see, there are a number of different things you need to keep an eye out for when considering how to keep an office clean in winter. With diligence and some helpful tips it is possible to get through the winter with your office looking spotless.