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Your Guide To Keeping Office Bins Organised And Tidy

As summer is approaching, it’s important to consider your office bins. While they may not be the first thought on your mind in the busy workplace, making sure that they are regularly emptied is key to ensuring your staff’s well-being. At any time of year, dirty and overflowing bins can be a health hazard, but when the weather heats up, they can be even more hazardous to your workers’ health.

Why Empty Bins More Frequently During The Summer?

When the weather is warm, it’s absolutely essential to ensure your office bins stay clean for several reasons.

Firstly, and most obviously, your bins will start to develop an unpleasant odour in warm weather. Everyone knows just how bad an unemptied bin can smell, and that’s not something that anyone wants around their indoor environment. If you want your staff to stay productive and focused on their work, it’s a good idea to remove any unwanted distractions, including unpleasant odours.

When bins are being used to deposit food leftovers, insects and flies are sure to be attracted to the bin. Nobody wants flies around the office and, in some cases, if the insects which are attracted include bees or wasps it could even represent a danger to employees, especially if they have an allergy to stings.

Even worse, if flies get into office bins and lay their eggs you could end up with a maggot infestation which is incredibly unpleasant for anyone to deal with.

How Can I Stop The Office Bin From Having A Bad Odour In The Summer?

If your office bin has a bad odour, the problem could actually be coming from the bin itself rather than its contents. Here are some tips to help reduce the bad odours from your bins at all times of year, but especially during the summer:

  • Keep separate office bins for paper and cardboard, general waste and food waste
  • Clean the bin regularly with effective cleaning products to remove all waste
  • Ask office staff to only put general waste and paper in the office bin and to use kitchen bins for food waste
  • Empty the bins daily

Keeping The Office Tidy And Clean

Having a clean workplace is always better for your employees’ health and it has been proven that working in a clean and uncluttered environment also boosts staff productivity. Not to mention that a tidy and clean office gives a good impression to any visitors or clients coming through your doors. Having clean and pleasant smelling bins in your workplace is part of this.

Hiring a professional cleaning team is the most efficient and convenient way to ensure that your office stays clean and tidy at all times and that your bins stay odour-free and spotless. North Kent Cleaning is here to make sure that your workplace is hygienic and pristine every day so that you and your staff can enjoy working in the best possible conditions and without distracting odours and clutter.