3 Questions You Should Ask Your Commercial Cleaners
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3 Questions You Should Ask Your Commercial Cleaners

In order to keep a productive, clean and healthy work environment, business owners may have to hire the services of a commercial cleaner. But there are a lot of commercial cleaners offering the same services and it may be difficult for business owners to differentiate from the bad ones and the great ones.

Thankfully, there are questions business owners can ask commercial cleaners so they can be able to make the best choice as regards the best commercial cleaners for their businesses.

Listed below are 3 questions business owners can ask commercial cleaners before hiring. They include;

What services do you provide?

As a business owner, you would want to make certain your potential commercial cleaner provides the type of services that would be significant to your business. For example, some commercial cleaners offer specialised services like taking out your trash and cleaning the floors while others provide you with carpet cleaning services.

It is the ideal choice to go with a cleaner that provides a combination of all these services so it would save you the stress of searching for another cleaner on the long run.

What experience and credentials do you have?

Before selecting a particular company, ensure the company has the required certificates and accreditations required in the industry. Also, ensure the cleaner has a vast pool of experience as this would keep you assured that the service they would provide to you would be top-notch.

Experience is crucial in business and although new companies should be given equal opportunities when it comes to business, experience is significant. So it is ideal to look for a cleaner with a long success history.

Do you have insurance?

This is another important question to ask your commercial cleaner before hiring. Ensure they have the proper insurance for their company and workers as well as yourself. This would ensure you are protected in the event of damages that may arise during the cleaning process. Make sure you cross-check the authenticity of the commercial cleaner so you would rest assured knowing you are completely covered.

Some of the insurance coverage the cleaner should have includes;

Workers compensation insurance; this provides coverage against accidents that disable, injure or kills the employee of a company during a job which could be on your premises. Ensure the cleaning company possess this coverage as it could leave you in a lot of bills to settle if there is ever any accident during the cleaning process.

General Liability Insurance; This is a coverage that offers your assets protection in the event your cleaning company causes damage to your property during the cleaning process. This would ensure you don’t spend additional fees fixing property damaged by your commercial cleaner.

Automobile Liability Insurance; This is a coverage which provides your property with protection against accidents that might occur as the vehicles of your commercial cleaners come in and out of your company. Hiring a company with this policy will ensure you are compensated in case of damages to your assets.

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