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5 Reasons to Switch to North Kent Cleaning Services

Office cleaning isn’t rocket science. But for some companies, it seems like it is. They can never figure out how to show up on time, never seem to finish the job to a satisfactory degree and never figure out that whole ‘returning your calls’ thing. Instead, they coast along oblivious to your needs, content to send a different poorly trained person every day. If you’ve had enough of paying for mediocre service, it’s time to switch to North Kent Cleaning Services.

5 Reasons to Make the Switch

There are a lot of cleaning companies in Kent, but not all provide the level of service you expect or deserve. Here are 5 reasons why you should switch to North Kent Cleaning Services.

  1. We Show Up at the Appointed Time – We understand that your time is money. When we say we will be there at a certain time, we will be there at that time.
  2. We Sweat the Details – You’ll never find a full trash bin or dirty floor after our cleaners leave. We sweat every detail of every job because that’s what you’re paying for.
  3. We Answer Your Calls – If you ever have questions or concerns, you can be sure someone will be here to answer your calls.
  4. We Assign Someone to Your Office – It pays to have the same person clean the same office. This way they’re familiar with every nuance and know exactly what to do and what you expect.
  5. We are Fully Insured – Too many fly-by-night cleaning companies are not insured. If they damage your property, you’re left holding the bag. Not North Kent Cleaning Services. We are fully insured and fully accountable.

Give us a Ring

North Kent Cleaning Services is one of the most trusted cleaning companies in Kent. We never take our customers for granted and work hard every day to earn their business. From the first time we arrive to clean your office, you will understand the North Kent Cleaning difference. Call us today on 01634 271173 and talk to one of our friendly and helpful sales associates about switching to North Kent Cleaning Services. You’ll be glad you did.