5 Tips To Consider When Choosing Professional Cleaning Services

The market for cleaning services has been on the rise. In Kent alone there have been huge numbers of companies started in the last year, and London has also seen a similar rise in companies within the cleaning services industry. However with more companies entering the market it can be challenging to find companies that deliver high-quality services. There are many businesses out there that would be willing to offer cleaning services at a low cost, but does that guarantee that they have the necessary skills to meet your needs? Here are 5 factors to consider when selecting professional cleaning services.

  1. Past industry experience – While it may seem that cleaning services are a basic skill, there are specific standards across different industries that may vary. A company may be equipped to clean a cafeteria but may be completely incapable of handing the needs of a hospital. Likewise having the skills to clean a residential bathroom may not be sufficient experience to handle cleaning commercial kitchen. Therefore when considering companies be sure to check whether they have the requisite experience to meet your individual cleaning needs. A company that has been in operation for many years and has worked in several industries is better equipped to handle a wide range of cleaning services.


  1. Cleaning checklist – Before engaging cleaning services you must clearly discuss what your expectations are at the onset. Are there certain areas that must be cleaned on each occasion? Is there a particular process that must be followed when handling certain areas? Professional cleaning companies will typically have a set checklist that can be modified to suit your individual needs. This gives you a sense of comfort in knowing exactly what your payment will be going towards. Be wary of cleaning services that have a time limit on their services and stop tasks once that time limit has been reached even if all the cleaning tasks have not been completed!


  1. Staff training and qualification – Working with a professional cleaning service can be great as you have the comfort in knowing that there is a team of persons working, so if any one person is unavailable it does not affect operations. However it is important to consider what training staff members go through and if each person assigned to you is properly trained. Is each member aware of the rules concerning environmental safety and hazardous substances? Do they have a standard of quality that they must uphold? Working with companies who stay abreast of developments in in the industry will ensure that their cleaning procedures are environmental safe and cost effective in the long run.


  1. Customer service – There is an age-old saying that you can learn a lot about a person by how he/she handles problems; the same applies to cleaning companies. When working with a cleaning company, take note of what systems are in place to rectify any issues that arise. Are they quick to assign fault or do they take the time to understand your complaints and resolve the issue swiftly. When they do a walk-through of your home or company are they taking the time to fully listen to your specifications or are they rushing to start the work? Some companies also offer trial period where you can feel them out and get a better sense of how they operate. At the end of the day you should feel as though this company is just as concerned as you are about ensuring that your cleaning needs are met.


  1. Types of cleaning products used – In recent times there has been increasing awareness of the damage caused from the use of toxic chemicals in the cleaning process. Additionally they can also be harmful to persons who interface with the environment if they are not used in a safe manner. One should therefore be sure to question companies about the type of chemicals they use and its impact. Nowadays there are several alternatives to the harsh chemicals more commonly used. Professional cleaning companies are well versed in alternative chemical products that are less toxic and harmful. This provides you a huge sense of comfort in knowing that the cleaning procedures employed are environmentally safe.

Finding the ideal cleaning services may seem overwhelming but hiring a professional contractor who knows what they are doing can make all the difference in the world when it comes to having your commercial space properly cleaned. Following the above guidelines takes the guesswork out of the process and gives you the confidence to make the right choice to meet your cleaning needs. Whatever your choice, no matter the industry, feel free to call us on 01634 271 173 or send an email to info@northkentcleaning.co.uk to offload your cleaning requirements on us.